Friday bloody night and that

Alright? It’s my Monday night (plus I have a 6 day week) so let me live vicariously through whatever you’re doing please.

Dinner is spicy pork salad (my wife) and char sui pork belly and mash (me). Gonna watch the office (uk) and little else.


Just hoovered, dusted, cleaned bathrooms and tidied up.
Feels so good that I don’t have to do it tomorrow. wine and pizza and nonsense telly it up.


Having McDo for tea.

Got a couple of tins of Estrella in the fridge.

Have a load of banners, balloons and bunting to put up in and around the house for wifey’s birthday tomorrow once she goes to bed.

I’ve been in a bit of a sulk all day. Bought a barbecue though so that’s a plus.


Alright folks? I’ve ordered a donner, chicken tikka and cheese wrap with spicy chips and a can of Pepsi.


What kind of bbq please?

  • Gas
  • Charcoal

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Go coal or go home

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Few ciders and a family zoom call with Nanny Ronco and my sister, kids etc. Every Friday, 7.30pm without fail. Really improved my weekends over the pando for sure…

As my old nan used to say, ‘gas is for show offs and cunts’.


Can’t talk playing Mass Effect bye

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Ivor, that cunt’s got his gas bbq going again next door, the twat. - your Nan :grinning:

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Finally got confirmation that I’m back on the line up for a big festival this summer so now it’s time to start actually putting my ridiculous ideas into writing. So, researching benches and dystopias tonight, and every night until July tbh.

Hungry and tired, did a big walk earlier but not I just want to sleep.


You DJing at Creamfields again? Awesome!


Monday night HIGH FIVE solidarity, Ivor :raised_hand::five::raised_back_of_hand:

Just pickling a bit of red cabbage, listening to Solange and deciding what to watch tonight

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Reading, beering, gonna make cookies in a bit and then find a new show to start and a suitably FRIDAY NIGHT film

Just ordered some vape liquid and cans from the offie.

They’ve rather awkwardly delivered poppers instead of vape liquid.


Get on it. Or maybe not.

Delivery dude refused to take them back, and said he’d have to swap them for vape juice after I phone up to tell the shop.

Would be quite funny if he turns up to pick the bottle up and I answer the door with a very red face and the unmistakable smell of nitrite in the air.


Great question! I went for a classic Weber charcoal grill. Gas is for cheats.