Friday Brisbane autumn weather selfie thread



For @ma0sm


I can’t even see the Story Bridge, are you sure yours is in Brisbane?


Weekend with the inlaws in Murrarie (sp?). We’re off to see Kid Congo tomorrow night in the Valley.

I’m working from my in-laws’ place today. We’re here because my wife had to come up for work so her flights were free and it seemed a good opportunity for some grandparental time for the girl.


It’s too early ffs. Cat wants her breakfast.



Didn’t even know that was happening. The Foundry is honestly one of Brisbane’s worse venues and surrounded by dreadful clubs but I’m sure you’ll have a good time. They get some good stuff in. Tropical Fuck Storm and Future of the Left so far this year there for me.

I used to employ loads of people at a factory in Murrarie. I can provide you with no more information about it though. Looks nice through the blinds. I live just over the river in Albion.


Well my friend’s band Ffirth are playing Fat Louie’s tomorrow at a free show from 7pm if you are looking for music action.


I’ll give them a go.



Cba to do a boring office one so here’s me doing some indoor sunbasking yesterday afternoon.


It’s a gun and then a telephone


It’s a banana


Woah :scream:


Just been in the lift, here’s proof…


Look on my haggard face, ye Mighty, and despair!


Shoutout the Brisbane autumn. When the wind chills out definitely the most tolerable time of year for southeast QLD weather. Can even talk myself into wearing layers once the sun starts to set. Used my first Friday off in forever to sit in the park and have overpriced, not great coffee in Bulimba. Planning on hitting up Paniyiri in Musgrave Park tomorrow night and eating my weight in souvlaki and honey puffs.


So great!


We just had dinner in Bulimba at that Oxford 182 or whatever plac3


Great lift ceiling


One of the stupidest things about Bulimba is that there’s no Bulimba Way there which means you have no reason to break into The Lion Sleeps Tonight whenever you go past it.