Friday Bus Chat (please only post in this thread on Fridays)

Nijmegen bus station is all open air. Fine if it’s a beautiful day but a big big problem if it rains.

I do like the way it’s laid out though, like big waiting area with a screen letting you know where and when your bus is going to arrive, like as if buses were trains or something.

What’s the difference between a bus and a coach?

  • Bus
  • Coach
  • Those aren’t the answers to that question
  • Threads do better when they have a poll in
  • Other

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Bus stations I’ve used recently where I haven’t felt like I was going to be murdered:

Bus stations I’ve used recently where I felt like I was going to be murdered:

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Bus sations I’ve used recently where I have felt I like I was going to do a murder:

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When did you last get on a bus

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • During April
  • During March
  • During 2019
  • Ages ago
  • I’ve never been on a bus (tory option)

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I got on the bus one minute before it was due to depart, then the driver turned the engine and lights off and then just walked off with his bag and coat. Had no idea what was going on then TEN MINUTES later another bus driver turned up switched everything back on and drove off. If I knew it was going to be delayed I could have caught the other bus, but I’d already touched in!!!

When leaving the bus

  • Cheers drive
  • Depends on whether I’m in London or not
  • Thank you driver, enjoy the rest of your day!
  • Thanks
  • Ta
  • Diolch, hwyl am fawr!
  • Cheers boss
  • It’s been a pleasure riding with you today everyone, I wish you well in your ongoing journies but now I must depart
  • Whale sounds
  • Waving
  • Other

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I am VERY concerned that this thread will become about buses in general and not bus stations SPECIFICALLY.


no one says thanks when getting off the bus here and now I’m scared I won’t do it when I’m back home and I’ll look like a right twat :frowning:

let the people have what the people want

(friday bus chat)

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You’re right Jukeyjuke, I have updated the title accordingly

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Use the bus about once every year at most. There’s no bus station I’m Birmingham, so can’t really offer much to this thread. Good luck with it though.

Cheers, drive!

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Begin the revolution!

Na zdraví!

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Hi Birmingham


would you believe that in Czech

Na zdraví is ‘cheers’
and nádraží is ‘station’

Na zdraví, nádraží!

thought I’d bring the chat back round to bus stations just for you


Years ago I created this picture, it features buses

I feel it is suitable for this thread


Bus station if served by local buses and long distance coaches like Middlesbrough or Leeds.

Coach station if only coaches like Victoria.

I’m on a bus now, I had to sprint between two stops. But the driver waited for me, top guy


Needs multiple choice.

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I am on a bus

Bus drivers waiting in Basildon bus station regularly flout the no smoking policy, it gets me fuming.

shame that this thread has appeared on a rare day i’m working from home as i won’t be getting a bus or going to any bus stations today. maybe next friday?