Friday Bus Chat (please only post in this thread on Fridays)

Loving the curve on that bad boy

Make plans for next week

just remembered that next Friday is a bank holiday so i might not be getting a bus then either. gutted.

I am currently on a bus. Next stop - Lowther road!

I got the best seat today.


I have designed a bus station.


There is a massive thing in Edinburgh of thanking the driver on your way off, but they’ve just recently introduced some monster new buses with middle doors. What do you do?!?



This reads like a BBC Micro text adventure. Or one of @saps’ riddles.


Look at this absolute unit tho


Biggest bus in the UK apparently? 129 people, 100 seats, WiFi, USB chargers…


Snapchat him/her.

Simple courtesy.


Bus numbers 30 and 253. Best bus routes.

The 168’s good too.

Why don’t prawn cocktail crisps taste like prawn cocktail?

wrong, it’s the x4

They taste like the cocktail part of prawn cocktail - the Marie Rose sauce, at least.

Reminds of an hilarious joke from my childhood.

What’s the next in this series of numbers 13, 25, 87, 130, 174?

294! They’re all buses that pass the top of my road. ahahahahahahahahahahaha

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Dyson airblades?

Why not just call them cocktail flavoured then?

That is a DOOZY

Krakow’s bus station is a wonderful place. Some ATDs and I once had a very friendly but angry sounding man try to make conversation with us at like half 6 in the morning there. I can’t remember much of the conversation now, as it was over 12 years ago, but it involved him repeating in a more forceful way each time, “Come you from?” to my friend, who did not want to come you from.