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those Lothian electric buses are a GBOB


Because they don’t taste like Old Fashioneds.

But maybe they should

Dublin’s main bus station Busáras is one of the ugliest buildings I’ve ever seen

This AMA is going very well

Quite like that, tbh.

Big fan of it having the word bus in its name though

That wasn’t a question.

Oh wasn’t it?

you would

Simultaneously loathed by some of the populace and loved by architectural purists, the building was designed in an International Modern style between 1945 and 1953.

It just means “bus building” in Irish

Busáras means bus station


  • Bus building
  • Bus station

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I feel like the difference between a bus and a coach is

Coaches have seatbelts and possibly those tiny TVs at the front on which an exasperated teacher can try to calm a coachload of children on a day-long journey to Germany by putting on such films as Monsters Inc. and My Big Fat Greek Wedding at such a volume and at such a distance as to be more or less imperceptible lest one cranes one’s undeveloped child neck and risks death / troubles to one’s physical development

Buses: no seatbelts, just massive bars all over the place for you to potentially wang your chin off of


Why is everyone transporting a cello?

lord of the bus

Corby bus station was the most frightening place.

It looked like this in the 60s:


But then they built a multistory on top of it and so it was all enclosed and it was scary as shit.

There’s not many photos online but you can get the picture…


Last year they knocked it all down, including the multistory car park.

I believe this is a great step in Corby’s continued mission to become ‘not horrible’

Thanks for reading


Also coaches have them toilets!

To my knowledge I’ve never used one, but I’ve always been curious about those loos where you have to go downstairs a bit to get to them. Surprised they’d fit on a coach

Rotterdam bus station has these sail-covered bus shelters.



They are supposed to resemble sheets blowing in the wind, even though they are made out of steel.

While they look good, the bus shelters are on a very open and windy square, so it is usually freezing cold, and they don’t provide any cover for waiting passengers.

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Direct translation of áras is building, but in the context of bus it’s read more as station.