Friday Christmas Eve Eve Eve


Post your dinners and tell me bout your eves


Hiya tilts, how are you doing?

That looks like my favourite kind of plate (minus the cucumber please)

Been out for a boozy lunch that I didn’t really want to go to but I’m glad I did, a pal that also had a kid at the same time as us and lives close to us, has been nice to have that support when we don’t have family close by.

This evening: I’m gonna keep drinking because we have half a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge, wrap a few presents and hopefully watch something christmassy though we could just as easily end up with the sewing bee.

Feeling very festive and tipsy and want to let you all know that this year, as with every year, it’s a pleasure to spend all of my waking hours here x


I have bought NO CRISPS FOR XMAS.

This is disasterous, i can’t function crispless!


We have a ridiculous amount here




Might delve in to the Xmas beer stash and watch Die Hard in a bit.


Went and bought far too much food for one so it looks like Christmas food for the next few days.

Selection of nibbles tonight.

Don’t know whether to have a proper drink or not.

  • Take a drink
  • Stay aff it

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Feels like Christmas Eve

  • Yeah it does
  • No

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Just done most of my wrapping

Got my dad really heavy things, don’t know how I’m going to get it to the car.

My name’s Avery and it’s plain to see
I never put up our Christmas tree
My shopping’s most done
And I’m in to have fun
But I misspelled rapping
my gifts are haunting me.


Bowl of pasta and sopranos

Series 6. We stopped ages ago and just getting back in. Forgot how awful every character is as a person lol


Alright? Fucking knackered after a 11.5 hour shift. But now there’s pizza in the oven, I’ve got a beer, and everything is fine and Christmassy up in here.


Hello my babeses and merry Xmas eve eve

(Tilts I love your plate btw it’s amazing)

I need your help DiS. So my stepmum is… how do I say this… she’s wonderful and one of my favourite human beings and I would die for her but she is a quirky lady. She’s a mysterious woman who gives strange gifts. Like in 2017 she gave me spaghetti for Christmas. Not special spaghetti, just normal spaghetti in its packet wrapped up. And fair I ate it, it was useful but when she gave it to me she was like “Kermit you’re gonna LOVE this” :smiley:

Anyway right so I’ve just opened the present she gave me this year and does anyone know what it is?? It’s a bird on a stick. But for what use please??


It’s to keep scarecrows away.

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Toy for the cat?

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What, to scare me away from my own house?!?

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Who can say. Maybe it’s just a bird on a stick. Rylan’s book looks massive btw, any good?

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It’s not dangly or anything though!!! It’s just a bird on a stick!! And when it was wrapped up I put it in my bag and she barked “CAREFUL! It’s fragile.” And you wouldn’t play with something fragile for a cat?!

To tease the cat with but never let it touch it

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SO GOOD!! I went to go see him at the literature festival and he signed it for me and I asked him to write “Alex I’m your biggest fan” but then I panicked and said sorry you don’t have to write that but he laughed and said it was funny and then he complimented my dress but I was so starstruck I just said “Sainsburys” through tears and he winked and said “love a bit of Tu babes” and it was the best moment of my life


So my stepmum wants me to edge my cat?? That’s not very Christmassy :smiley: