Friday Christmas Eve Eve

Alright? I’m about to head to work for what could potentially be a 12 hour shift, but after that it’s free and clear for Christmas so could be worse. What’s up today then? Working? Baileys for breakfast? Done all your shopping and that?

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About to go and pick up the shopping from Sainsbo’s.

No fucking Yule log! Hopefully I can find one on the shop floor or M+S next door has one cos I cba chasing around looking for one.

Going to see my grandma later this morning and then picking up samosas on the way home.


First day off :partying_face:

It’s pissing it down all day. Plans:

  • make some dips and bits for tomorrow’s Christmas Eve tea (plus future picky teas)
  • probably play some board games (maybe including Ticket To Ride: East Anglia Edition)
  • go for pizza tonight

9-2 shift today. Only one in my team in n’all.

After work; gym, fish n chips, Christmas film


I’m the only person in the department working today. I need to head to the office to change some backup tapes as its a Friday. But apart from that I hope its quiet and I’ll be home my lunch to ‘work’ from home.

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Sounds pretty much an identical day to me.

I’m doing all those things. Well officially I’m working to 5, but yeah right.

Gym, fish and chips and a film later.

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Morning! I’m working 9-2.30ish today, but the Sainsbury’s Christmas shop is coming between 9 and 10 and nobody is really going to expect anything that productive from me.

Then this afternoon I’m going to walk up the hill to the butchers and collect our turkey. Today probably ought to involve some wrapping at some point too.

Is this real? As a former Suffolk resident, I need to know

Walk to chorlton, pick up food shop, taxi back.
Walk back to Chorlton for waxing, then to pick up stuff that i couldn’t get in the shopping.
Clean the flat, change the bedding etc.
Get ready for some snogging.


Yes and no - it’s a customised version of the game that I made for Cheekster 1 for her birthday earlier in the year


Awww this is so great

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That is stunning work. Phenomenal dadding!

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Got paid today which was unexpected. Still on emergency tax though despite me providing everything necessary before I started this job for that to not happen.



Manky rain out so will head to do my last few shopping bits this morning then take dog for long wander somewhere.

Reckon I will be able to buy mincemeat somewhere?? If so make pies, if not buy pies :rofl:

  • Working today
  • Nope

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Last day at work. Finish at 1ish.

Sitting in my classroom listening to Ecko Bazz (thank you to whoever recommended this) and reading a trashy Reacher book. Could be worse.


Morning DiS

En route to Scotland, only 22 miles to Tebay for breakfast so thats great. Got a tension headache after a stressful 24 hours previously so this getaway is much appreciated.

Had a car nap which has been quite nice, especially after it still being completely dark when we left earlier this morning.


That was painless. Nice and quiet down there still and you couldn’t move for yule logs in Marks’s. Picked up a cinnamon bun for breakfast too.

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Morning all, had a fantastic day yesterday for my girlfriend’s birthday. Got a bit of a sore head today mind.

Plans today are to see some friends for lunch and a quick(ish) brewery trip, then need to do a food shop because we are woefully understocked for the next few days. Hopefully a chilled evening as the last couple of been quite full on, want to do some wrapping, Christmas movie etc. then we (girlfriend, baby and I) are doing our Christmas Day tomorrow ahead of all of the family visits over the next week.

Having had it in my head all week that I was going to have to work today, it is very pleasant to have the day off.

So far plans are to walk the dog, go for a haircut and maybe do some batch cooking to have stuff in the freezer for between Christmas and New Year.