Friday contrarian thread



I know it’s not very DiS to have an opinion that goes against the grain, but let’s try. What opinions have you got that go against established wisdom?

Me: I don’t prefer new bedsheets to usual bedsheets. The washing machine fresh smell is nice, but they don’t feel as comfy until they’ve been bedded (HAHAHAHAHA bed pun) in for a few days.

Now your turn.


The perfect breakfast involves NO egg.


Need a bit of yolk for the hash brown/tattie scone/fried bread, surely?


I find it quite hot when alt-bbz wear those hats with the animal ears


FYI, this is absolutely the thread to have a full-throated, two-footed go at the contrarian nonsense people come out with.


God no! That’s what ketchup is for!


But… beans.


nowt wrong with beans and ketchup on the same plate.


Said this before but space travel is a complete waste of money, resources and time. Also V boring


There are some people on here who I disagree with every single opinion they have :open_mouth:


Alright Warren Buffet.


Am I doing this thread right?


My one like that doesn’t post any more. Better for everyone’s blood pressure, I think.


Absolutely not.


blood orange and ginger are THE WORST


Right, nobody’s topping this. Everybody out.


Gonna need some names here, I think


It’s great isn’t it. I love @Slicky for this



It’s not you hun.