Friday Daily Fred

Mighty fine


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At the end, can you combine all these into a .gif so we can see the cranes spin round?




Hi DiS

We might do dressing up Fridays here. I think for me that might stretch to me wearing my suit. I ironed a shirt yesterday and everything.

I think I’ve reached the point where I need a haircut though, so we’ll be getting the clippers out at the weekend.

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Had to work late last night cos I forgot what day it was and realised too late that my deadline is this morning and not the next day :upside_down_face: gonna sack off work at lunchtime to make up for it


Up. Got some kind of zoom thing at 4. On a Friday 🤷

Going to have a shower, do some work and maybe a bit of garden sorting.

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Morning all!

I’ve got selected students doing extra work online this morning as a last effort to convince me they deserve C grades. All of this will be in vain when SQA announce they’re just taking my word for all assessment decisions and I can get the clean sweep of A grades I wanted.

I’m also doing a Big Shop this morning. Hopes and Prayers.

I would quite like to talk Wor Lass into a takeaway this evening but I’m not sure how convinced I am by the idea.

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This is actually quite a good idea.

I might dress as a pirate.


recorded a video demo for work yesterday and then last night i dreamt that i received a load of emails from colleagues slagging it off

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My two goals for today are:
Make a big chilli
Change the sheets

I’ll keep you updated.


Shit the bed?


We’ll see how the chilli turns out.


I loooooooove a big chilli, I bet Funky makes an AMAZING one.


It’s pretty good. Hairy Bikers recipe.


Morning everyone, going to be typing 'til my fingers bleed a la the summer of 69, kick a ball about with el kid, cook something tasty involving root vegetables. But first, hoovering and Joe Wicks. Stay safe, enjoy your days!


Morning all :wave:

I’ve got a day off today. Am actually going to avoid my phone and work laptop all day - I need a bit of a break from it all.

No Joe Wicks but plenty of Go Noodle. Cat party!


At work. Probably going to be busy. Meh

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The fucking toaster has broken.

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Fell asleep at 3pm yesterday after 36 hours awake and the nhs applause woke me up at 8pm :grinning:. Wondered what the fuck was going on.
Got back to sleep until 3am. Jet lags a ball ache.

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Morning characters. Long time no appear in a daily thread.

Work has quietened down in the last two days, busier than ever at the start of the week.

Am playing FIFA with my housemate during the lulls. I pray for the lulls.

Need to also take advantage of this time by reading, drawing and practising drum rudiments.

It’s just going to be FIFA isn’t it?