Friday Daily Fred

Had to work late last night cos I forgot what day it was and realised too late that my deadline is this morning and not the next day :upside_down_face: gonna sack off work at lunchtime to make up for it


Up. Got some kind of zoom thing at 4. On a Friday 🤷

Going to have a shower, do some work and maybe a bit of garden sorting.

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Morning all!

I’ve got selected students doing extra work online this morning as a last effort to convince me they deserve C grades. All of this will be in vain when SQA announce they’re just taking my word for all assessment decisions and I can get the clean sweep of A grades I wanted.

I’m also doing a Big Shop this morning. Hopes and Prayers.

I would quite like to talk Wor Lass into a takeaway this evening but I’m not sure how convinced I am by the idea.

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This is actually quite a good idea.

I might dress as a pirate.


recorded a video demo for work yesterday and then last night i dreamt that i received a load of emails from colleagues slagging it off

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My two goals for today are:
Make a big chilli
Change the sheets

I’ll keep you updated.


Shit the bed?


We’ll see how the chilli turns out.


I loooooooove a big chilli, I bet Funky makes an AMAZING one.


It’s pretty good. Hairy Bikers recipe.


Morning everyone, going to be typing 'til my fingers bleed a la the summer of 69, kick a ball about with el kid, cook something tasty involving root vegetables. But first, hoovering and Joe Wicks. Stay safe, enjoy your days!


Morning all :wave:

I’ve got a day off today. Am actually going to avoid my phone and work laptop all day - I need a bit of a break from it all.

No Joe Wicks but plenty of Go Noodle. Cat party!


At work. Probably going to be busy. Meh

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The fucking toaster has broken.

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Fell asleep at 3pm yesterday after 36 hours awake and the nhs applause woke me up at 8pm :grinning:. Wondered what the fuck was going on.
Got back to sleep until 3am. Jet lags a ball ache.

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Morning characters. Long time no appear in a daily thread.

Work has quietened down in the last two days, busier than ever at the start of the week.

Am playing FIFA with my housemate during the lulls. I pray for the lulls.

Need to also take advantage of this time by reading, drawing and practising drum rudiments.

It’s just going to be FIFA isn’t it?


today i’m waiting on notes from a head honcho who is apparently too busy with covid 19 fallout to watch my show so could be a reaaaaaaaaaaal quiet day, folks. FFVII it is then, Aeris is about to die though ;_;

some lads i know want to have a beer over skype later. nice thought but i seriously cannot be cba’d.


Do you want to dial into mine instead? I’ll warn you though, you’ll need to be prepared for extreme levels of bants. The other day the boss sent round a photo of him with a filter that made him look like he’d grown a massive isolation beard already!!




I have literally just emailed all my team, asking them to join me in wishing these very people a happy birthday. We’re so N*Sync!

Erm, morning. I think the build up of the last couple of weeks came tumbling down atop of me, but I slept so well and I’m feeling heaps better today. Massively need to take regular breaks and drink water, neither of which I’m doing much.

My new favourite joke is asking friends what they’re up to at the weekend. It’s probably not that funny but it tickles me.

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