Friday - Day of The Thread

Morning all!

I’ve been up since quarter past five.

No work for me but I need to have a haircut and get someone to fix my watchstrap.

Probably eating fish and chips later.



More like FRI-YAY am I right lads?!!!

Been awake since 5:50 as I stupidly didn’t have my phone on night-mode and I got a message which vibrated and woke me up ffs.


I’ve been up since exactly then too! A bit hungover.

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Went out with work friends and had a tesco sandwich for dinner. I’ve got a busy day. Horray I’m an idiot

Still waiting on recalcitrant financial institutions giving me the nod (never used that word before, hoping I did it right).

Also my body has given up the fight and I have a cold.

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Working from home today

People will talk!


ive been in work since half 7. ridiculous

the lights just went off coz ive not moved for long enough


Just had a great idea for a new genre of music.

Imagine darkwave but with a danceable 4/4 beat and with Dickensian samples over the top.

Bleak House!


I’m into this already.

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Busy day yesterday - had an interview for a course I’m hoping to do at college next year and should hear back about it today. Also went on a second date to eat burgers and watch a film (Der Mude Tod.)
Today is my Wednesday. Hooray for menial hospitality jobs!!


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Just had the old £2 sausage and bacon sandwich and a coffee deal from Gregg’s. Can’t see today getting any better than that.


Going to go for a drive and walk up a hill in a bit. Might take a little picnic with me, forecast says it’s gonna be a nice enough day.

Going to a Mexican/South American place tomorrow for food and cocktails

Got a sense of dread starting to come over me though, with work lingering on Monday after nearly 2 weeks off :frowning:

Morning all, off to Nottingham this afternoon to spend the weekend with my parents. I’m taking them out for a drink tonight and the subject of Jeremy Corbyn will come up several times and for once I’m not sure how those conversations​ will go. Looking forward to seeing my nieces and nephew on Sunday, will hopefully get a BBQ out of my dad.

Hello chums. Drinking coffee and slightly dreading the day ahead. Very glad it’s friday tbh. Dunno what to do this weekend, if stays this warm i’ll likely do nowt.

That’s like the Dickensian change in a plot line midway through a film where the characters only use txt spk.

'Ell ov a Twist.

Edit: This is awful.

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