Friday Day - What kept you?

Morning all!

I upset The Child by telling her it was not Red Nose Day because I did not know it was.

She’s very excited.

Rate your excitement/10.

I’m going to my work Xmas meal tonight and don’t have much work to do today so 8/10 excited about soaking up three bottles of wine with a pizza.

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Remembered we’ve got a voucher for a local restaurant so going to try to book in there tonight. If they have no availability I might go cinema instead

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Hiya, off to a wedding today. My wife only knows the bride so we’re going to do our best wedding crashers bit. Might adopt a different persona, probably won’t. Still, free food and booze, AND it’s sunny today :sunglasses:

  1. Tired and annoyed at myself. Actually 1 because the weather is nice

Good morning

More than 12 hours of daylight today!

If that’s not something to be excited about, I don’t know what is.

Another sunny day here, so will enjoy that as I walk the dog and go for a bike ride. Need to drop some paperwork into the solicitors at some stage, so that will probably be an additional mini bike ride.

Going to the football tonight.

An action packed day ahead!


Sun has finally decided to come out for my birthday in Seville. Gonna have a massive lunch and sit in the park.


Pretty hanging. In the office about to do some amazing things in the world of Higher Education work flows and system configuration. Barely anyone here and the people that are are talking loudly about cycling :expressionless:

Happy birthday! :partying_face:

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This is the lowest key red nose day I can remember. It was only this Wednesday I actually found out that it was happening today.

Gf is out for a friend’s birthday, day drinking in Radcliffe, an industrial estate brewery and Bury, so she’s delightedly with the weather.

I am just working.

It looks very much like I have an interview for the job I applied for. I’m in the massively privileged position of using it figure out if I really want it or not, as opposed to needing it, so that takes any pressure off it.



There is a man walking up Deansgate with his quite full shopping bag on his head, no hands. It’s hypnotic.


Terrible night, even worse morning really. My son is pretty ill with a cold and the shits. Had to give him 2 baths already this morning. Some stuff has happened at work which, whilst positive in the long run, is bad today. It’s really hard to balance work and kids at times innit.

Most employers would fully understand you being late in as you had to follow him to see where he went.


Are you going to be my new boss?

(Please can i have a £30k payrise)

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Work, should be ok. Got to phone the mortgage co, wonder how long I’ll be on hold for

Going out on a :pizza: date tonight (2nd date). Looking forward to it


Pretty much any of the weekday threads around 2.00.


Much as I would love to be able to, its more with your big boss than for him.

HP BD RTOAS! :cake:

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Ah right, he’s just put the brakes on my attending the castlefield event about the high line thing. Said we don’t want to be asociated with it. Wonder what his beef is?!

Happy cakes! So many march birthdays on here

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Shia Labeouf?