Friday - Day

Morning all!

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Beat me to the punch!

Off work for St Andrews Day (which is actually on the 30th?), getting a lift to Manchester shortly, excited for aqos

The best start to a day in a long time!



Another excellent tiny animal dream (a rat in a crown and cape called Mama).

Got a croissant and boy, am I gonna eat it


I’m not shopping or quizzing today.

I have some work I need to get done and some work I really should get done. I don’t have a timetable for next week yet which will present interesting issues if I have new Monday classes.

I’m having a coffee break with my former colleague who quit this week. She hasn’t been treated well and I’m quite annoyed about her leaving.

We’ve agreed we’re watching Wor Lass’s friend’s kids tonight so it’ll be an Aldi pizza extravaganza for tea.

I had a dream that me, you and Tim Burgess (??) went on a big trek to Southport but I was on a bike that I’d made the front wheel really big, like a penny farthing

Might see if my boss will allow this


Don’t know how to tell you all this but i went to watch Yard Act last night and enjoyed it, did get unbelievably drunk beforehand and then woke up on the sofa at 5am this morning though

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Aw that sounds lovely. I hope Tim wasn’t jealous of your wheels.

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Been considering doing an 80s kids spread lately. Remember the tiny cocktail sausages but they weren’t those wrinkled tougher lads, they were more like tinned hot dogs but tasted unique to them. Do they still exist? Iirc they were often on the tin foil hedgehog as a none cheese and pineapple option



Woke up early to have a coffee on the beach this morning.

Great start to the day imho



FOUR HOUR zoom meeting this morning, with cameras on. I’m going to need a pint at lunchtime, for sure,

There’s no way to actually use a laptop ergonomically is there? You’re either looking down at it and straining your neck or if it’s raised you’re doing your arms/shoulders in by having to lift your arms to type.

Got given a brand new Macbook Pro for work (:sunglasses:) but might have to plug it into my monitor and then use a mouse and external keyboard. Feels a bit like defeating the point though and looks like shit on the monitor.

Booked the day off for the football this morning. Had planned to go into town this afternoon to avoid the weekend shopping rush, until my housemate pointed out that it’s Black Friday. Never mind.

P was weirdly awake last night so I got to bed around 1:30. R woke up crying at 5:45. Currently trying to conduct a job interview but the candidate’s internet connection is terrible.

just getting really angry at Jeremy vine at the moment. the nurse salaries they are displaying at the moment are actual bullshit! its just wrong.

and then he wasn’t willing to say nurses should be paid more than him :smiley:

Yeah i know i know. turn the fucking tele off mate!

anyway, suns out so shorts and cider in the park it is. see you there.

take care fools x


Just been out with the dog and it’s a lovely morning out there.

Kind of want to go for a bike ride but everywhere will be flooded and/or a mudbath after yesterday and I cba with it. Feels a shame to waste the day sat inside watching football but there we go, that’s what’s gonna happen.

Breakfast was eggs benedict and a coffee. Decent. Set me up for the day nicely


Morning! Bought my 1st Christmas present this morning. Be glad when it’s the 9th of Jan

Day with the kiddo, she’s watching colour blocks for the billionth time, but it means I can focus on my freelance work for a bit.

Also, reckon I’ve been overpayed from my main job which I started beginning of the month. So… Immediately got the fear something is wrong with my tax and now in a panic. Will check with HR next week.