Friday - Day

I want to go to Efteling amusement park so muchhhhh

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Oh no are they businessmen?

The world would be a nicer place without passive aggressive digs. I really don’t have time for shit like this today

Next door’s dog has started going nuts since I put King Crimson on. Everyone’s a critic.

Can you set it to extend the display and just have everything on the monitor instead of duplicating and having a stretched version of your smaller screen?

Just realised you posted hours ago.

It was quite clearly a joke, sorry to take up so much of your valuable time.

My lovely old dog Joe used to love howling along to Bob Dylan.
Fig is captivated by Kate Bush.

Neither had any interest in any other music.

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I’ve had too many coffees :scream: help meee

Did the oven.


Why can’t i find a noce place for dinner that does nice comfort food with a decent veggie or fish menu? It’s either street food, or fancy places with roasted hay and where every potential veggie dish has a little surprise like “stewed with enbalmed pig trotters”.