Friday de la tarde

Waddup? kind of want more of that rice I made earlier, but its not the eating hour just yet.

New cat litter box arrived today, and regret ordering the ‘jumbo’ simply because it was the same price as the normal. monstrously huge. my kitten will be shitting in area roughly the size of a football pitch.



Listening to Depeche Mode

Just opened my first beer of the night (Erdinger Weißbier) with a nice vintage bottle opener I found last week which is now on my keyring

Making some food and gonna sort some records while it’s cooking

Going to catch up on drag race and love island

Pretty happy with my lot tonight tbh

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Evening! Making pasta sauce, almost there.


Alright? Had a fucking busy day to round off a fucking busy week. Had carbonara for tea and now it’s beer and Midsomer Murders until bedtime.

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Evening :wave:

It’s been the youngest’s birthday today so we’ve been celebrating with her. Went to Norwich to the Build A Bear Workshop, whilst I took the eldest to Waterstones for a Mammoth book-buying expedition. Had lunch, came home, opened presents, had dinner and birthday cake.

In terms of the cake - I’ll explain. The girls are really into imaginative play with things like Lego, Playmobil etc. It’s been a particular thing of theirs since the first lockdown. Anyway, they rotate between four “realms” which are the types of toy: Happyland, “Sunny Seaside Town” (Playmobil), marble land and Legoland City. So I created “The Four Realms National Park” with characters/toys from each part:

Before decorating, I hollowed out the first three layers of the cake and filled it with marbles so they spilled out when the cake was cut :slight_smile:

(Icing was a bit scruffy but I was pleased with the overall effect)


Why are you trying to get your children to eat marbles you absolute monster?!?

this looks amazing


right i know i said i wasn’t going to but have now decided i’ll pop out for a couple.


excellent work :+1:

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That looks fantastic!


fuck me, that is a high concept birthday cake


Anyone else had this happen to them? My phone occasionally just randomly blasts out audio adverts - had one for Audible this morning, had one for KSI’s album just now.

No idea what app they’re coming from or anything. Proper shite.

In tears at the guy at 2:50

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: be my dad please


Also this reminded me of Jelles Marble Runs, the best YouTube channel

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Oh I need to check this out! The girls love their marble runs

It’s brilliant, the production levels are astonishing


Painted my hall, bedroom, some window ledges and doors today, it looks patchy as hell as I only had tester pots to paint over the grubby bits or paint over plastered patches from when I had fire doors fitted. Still, looks better than it did.

Then I cleaned INSIDE my extractor fan, and I’m about to tackle my microwave.

As a reward I got Oowee for dinner…their fries are so good and the vegan baconaise dip, omg.

I want some chocolate so so badly, please someone sort a girl out here.



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was thinking I could go a bar of chocolate before and I opened my post and some hero had posted me a ritter sport (honey salted almonds) which I have since eaten.

also I have two bald patches on the inside of my thighs now, they weren’t always there, I know that for sure

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Had a BBQ today, watched Olympic football and now I’m watching the Royal Tenenbaums. Not bad.

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