FRIDAY Dec 22nd


How goes it?

Got barely any sleep last night. Might have a maccies brekkie and maccies lunch

Morning Witches, Jordan. Just had a bacon bap and black coffee so I’m set for the day.


Morning! Full of a cold but it’s nearly bloody Christmas and I’m not back in till the 2nd Jan so ain’t letting it get me down.

I won’t be able to go on my bike for 10 days which I’m a little bit worried about tbh.

It’s going to be quiet in the daily thread today, isn’t it?

I will be late when I arrive at my place of job. It’s not really work today, more attendance and buffet.

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Morning everyone. This is my favourite thing, we’re just chatting and watching shit. Will be sad when he goes back tomorrow.


Until the present openers have had a nap, yes.



awake far earlier than I thought I would be seeing as how I’m off today. need to scavenge some breakfast from somewhere.

Yes, I think so :confused:

I’m struggling to move… so … tired…

Flatmates left the heating on too high so the chocolate in my advent calendar has gotten stuck. Bad start to the day.

Sat working on the solitary foldout chair in our empty house and listening to @Bamnan 's Other People’s Lives while awaiting a cleaner.

One of our friends is back in Leeds for christmas so seeing her for dinner this evening.


Morning Witches and others. Finishing off present stuff today, had to buy for 12 this year and almost everyone has two presents from me and my husband (lucky git only had 5 people to buy for on his side of the family) but I’m fairly pleased with my haul and it’s mostly wrapped and under the tree now. Got a load of stuff to sort out before family Christmas officially starts tomorrow.


Concerned about the excitement levels in the Xmas Santa thread. They were all up really early and bouncing on the beds so @japes allowed them to open their prezzies. I am predicting hysteria by mid-morning, lots of sugar consumed, followed by tantrums after lunch when they get tired. Afternoon naps might be in order.


Did your present get there okay?

it was all I could do to stop folk at 12:01 last night!


Still not sure. My santee hasn’t appeared in either thread so far…

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I know mate. Sometimes all you can do is cave in. After all, it’s only once a year

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morning all

today I am off to Bristol to visit my mum for Christmas. my sister and her husband are over from America too, plus it means I essentially get two Christmas dinners this Christmas, so sounds like an all round good plan to me :+1:

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This, and a trip to Bristol. @breakfast_t_england winning at life :+1: