Friday dress spotty day

If you’re a schoolkid anyway. Children in Need innit.

What’s going on lovers?

I had cheesecake for breakfast that I went to bed fantasising about it, but forgot this morning and made crumpets.

Dream chat: Had a dream that I fell out with my neighbour and I was crying in the dream then I started crying in my sleep and woke up and my pillow was all wet so think I’d been at it for ages. Proper sobbing :smiling_face_with_tear:


Morning scout and co :wave:

Last day of our holiday time, will be spending it doing DIY mostly, hopefully I’m productive :crossed_fingers: I’m very bad at getting distracted.

Bought a nice baguette and some pate so will probably tuck into that periodically throughout the day.


Got covid so my great weekend plans are ruined. Should have been

St. Albans tonight to see my brother
Breakfast in London with pals
Lunch with family
Dishoom breakfast

Instead my weekend plans are

Qatar vs Ecuador

Fucking shit

Aw have a nice last day <3

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Popped into work to sign the sheet to say I’ve been there.

Went for a coffee.

Just about to head home.

Off to see my sister and nephew after work.
Then off to Malaga tomorrow.

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Aspiring to this level of work today


Also messaged some pals I’ve not seen in ages to see if they wanted our Martha tickets and it turns out they’re going anyway and it would’ve been so nice to see them :frowning_face:

Aw man, that sucks.

I mean - at least you’re saving some money? Or you can get the most decadent takeaway of all time to the same value as the weekend

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London is the same temperature as Edinburgh!

Yes, I am a long way from home

Morning all :wave:

Mrs CCB is borrowing my spotty shirt today. Didn’t even recognise it as mine when she was wearing it but it was under a cardigan.

I started typing out some dream chat but it was boring even by my standards.

WFH day and then tofu green curry tonight, and a three day weekend ahead :slight_smile:

Not for Jimbo - he had the opportunity to not wear full school uniform this week when he wore odd socks for anti bullying week on monday

Anyway, standard friday for me. Fairly quiet at work. pub at lunchtime, and hopefully a takeaway tonight - although one we can collect because any deliveries we’ve had on a friday night have been an utter disaster recently

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Another weekend in Barnsley for safebruv. Think it’s a getting drunk on the sofa watching shit films and shit tv vibes, pretty tired so that’ll be nice.
Will say i’ll get up and come on the morning dog walk and then stay in bed because it’s too cold as normal


oh dear is this weekend a big one for football?

No, world cup starts sunday but england don’t play till monday.
There’s no proper football until christmas now


yeah calling in sick after this one morning meeting and tidying up some emails just for peace of mind, well sick still

King’s Lynn Town FC and Hemel Hempstead FC want a word!

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Good morning! Beautiful day outside so I inevitably won’t leave the house. One of those weird days where I’m booked for work but all of my clients have the day off so there’s a degree of thumb twiddling and then a really stressful afternoon when people realise they need things from me.

Not much on other than that – hoping to book some last-minute flights but not sure I can afford it.

I just assume no one reads my dream chat so I don’t care how boring it is