Friday dress spotty day

Yeah, Argyle have got Burton away.

I don’t really dream but do enjoy other peoples

The tv woke up crying the other night because a ghost was making her eat spiders, that was a good one.

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I did read it :slight_smile: always feels so weird when you wake up after crying in your sleep - the feeling seems to linger afterwards


I don’t know what those words mean in that order

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Had ‘first day’ at new job yesterday but it was their bi-annual big event thing/pre-xmas get together of all the departments, speeches and awards etc. We had to stand up at our seats if we were new and pass a mic around introducing ourselves and say when we started, everyone laughed when I said I don’t actually start until Monday

I made it through the slightly overwhelming day intact and didn’t get too drunk at the drinks afterwards and went home at a sensible time

  • Well done you

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Good grief, this is making me break out in a sweat just reading it.


Guess which mid00s landfill indie single i just listened on gd’s old ipod.

(Charted at #15, but the album got to #1 which suprised me a little)

Something by Pigeon Detectives?

Oh you and everybody else will find out soon enough.

Condolences to @Aggpass that’s a shiter


Morning fuckers

Woke up with a migraine and have been trying to steady the ship since.

My body is telling me to order a mcdonalds breakfast but I don’t think that’ll help

ffs, was going to wfh all day so I can also tidy the flat but now I’ve got to go and meet this old history nerd in the pub at 2. Will totally clash with my naptime too.

That’s by the Beatles.


In right area, but their debut album only got to #3

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This is your dream afternoon and we all know it.


oh I didn’t know you’d got one, well done! :partying_face:

Im in England. Probnaly gonna get pizza for lunch, purezza or Nell’s???

The View

where u