Friday early thread?


My baby woke up about 90 minutes ago with a very high temperature. Have only just managed to pin her down and get Calpol in her :flushed: but she seems to be going back to sleep now. Thank god. It’s her first birthday tomorrow, what the fuck?

Tell me of your days and plans and hopes and dreams.


Hope the babbie is fine :heart::baby:t3:

First full day of the reign of King Charles III - not sure what to do to fully embrace this new epoch. Will probably do pretty much the same as I did during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Life goes on innit


The cat woke me up at 5:58

Last time I was here she woke me up at approx 6am every day

Was surprised by her accuracy. How does she know it’s 6am?


Finally Friday. Going to get through the day by thinking about not getting up at half 6 tomorrow

Work isn’t it. Think I’m getting a stye in my eye. Urgh.

Last day at my job today, and hopefully my last ever day in IT. Coincidentally it’s the department’s massive summer party today with a sports day, free bar and a band, so I’m hoping to get some mileage out of pretending the whole thing has been laid on just for me.


Kiddo’s worst night sleep in a long time. Think we’re averaging about 4-5 hrs per night right now. Misery.


Going in to town to give blood in a bit (assuming my haemoglobin levels are fine this time). Quite excited to see if there’s any weirdness going on in the city centre.

Might have porridge and a bagel for breakfast.

Probably get something nice for lunch while I’m out or at least a nice cake as a treat.

Just gonna doss around for the rest of the day.


My alarm woke me upbat 6am but still in bed.

Yeah got so much to do, a littke stressed tbh

Day off, that’s very good. Sleeping very badly at the moment so maybe an afternoon nap later.

Day off. Gonna visit my ma.


Tweaked an ass muscle


Have a work meeting this afternoon with all the senior people at the owners house, logged on early to see if it got cancelled but nope the owner has posted a picture of his flag at half mast…

Long day ahead until escaping to the pub now.


Also in stye club

Morning! Got to go and be on some panel now to choose who makes it into an arts book. Will be nice as a guy i enjoy chatting to is also on the panel and i get to pop into my fave church after to see my fave bit of sculpture. Might dress all whacky like an arts panel member should.

Got a meeting at lunch about another cool arts thing I’ve been asked to do in November.

Pretty full of dread about an event I’m doing tomorrow so might get a bit tipsy tonight as that’ll definitely help me prepare.

6 more days until a day off now :raised_hands:


Off to the office. Doing a presentation.

No plans for tonight. Might hit the gym and then get fish “n” chips


already fed up of the news. i guess this is it for a while though.

Off to see Soul Glo tonight which i i’ve been waiting years for so nothing best get in the way of that.

i need to get off here also as school starts five minutes earlier this year and i am not used to it yet.

go get 'em fools

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Woke up at 4ish and couldn’t get back to sleep for stressing about work. Now that it’s day time I’m back to not giving a fuck about it.

Thanks brain, helpful as always.


King Charlie XCX


Morning all.

There’s going to be a lot of today taken up discussing what a 10 day mourning period in govt. Is going to mean for us, if it happens.

Is it worth setting up a Full Diana watch thread, for people to log instances of the country going fully unhinged over the next few days?



I just got reminded that I normally do the school run, so I’ll be off to do that in about twenty minutes. Then I’ll log into work and figure out what impact Lizzy popping her clogs might have. Basketmakers at lunchtime, obvs, as well as picking up the new Jockstrap LP which I’ve read very good things about

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I’d forgotten about the approved dead royal radio playlists.

Going to be a long, long Friday.

Hopefully Steve Wright sticks to his guns. Serious Mournin’ etc