Friday eeveningg


Hi guys

Post nice things please. Other things too if you need x



Nice things


Hi fl. I’m playing video games, eating pizza and drinking beer. Now that’s what I call a friday night vol 97.


Does this count as nice?

Quite windy here.


Where’s you at?


Had chips and cheese for tea.

Didn’t catch norivurus this week!!


Eric!!! Welcome back!


Woo Aber!


Gonna cook a stir fry and a cuppa. Go bed early as I’m up at 4.30 for work. Yay!








Welcome back Eric!!

Old favourite on the go.


It does :slight_smile:

I’ve never known Aberystwyth to not be windy I’ve only been there once, but boy was it windy.


That is good Fridaying.

What vidya are you vidyaing?

Also: great to have you back :+1:


Good train journey?

Should have been a good train journey.

A more accurate and less delayed train journey.


The train was cancelled from Bham International to Wolverhampton, so I had to take a London Midland one part of the way. We only arrived a couple of minutes late though. Take from that what you will :slight_smile:




Since you have been away, the major development on dis… what are your thoughts on peanut butter with cheese on toast?


Evening FL, all. Had some good burgers for tea (meal), watching Taskmaster and about to make a tea (drink). Those are all nice things and I’m happy about them.