Friday eeveningg


Wanna feel the heat with somebody?




Just got in from having pizza with the in-laws, got to do work and really CBA. Hope everyone’s friday night is alright! (It’s well rainy here)


Going bed. Night night :wave:


Might be a story behind this (so benefit of the doubt) but what’s with this name?


Evening all! :partying_face:

I’ve been drinking wine and eating leftover vegan massaman curry. Now listening to Sufjan (standard). You can all come over if you like.


rub it in between your hands really quick

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

can’t believe it’s been a year since senor stein was on tv


I know that that’s not enough now


But if you think positively that means he’s had enough time to go film another series


yes! I finally got a CCB reference. this is a big day for me.


:smiley: if you ever need a reference explaining then just shout. Half the time it’s just Wayne’s World


I always need references explained to me


it’s like when someone mentions a line from a song or a film or something


Haha, classic Mr Splinters! :rofl: EXPLAIN IT, ROGER!


I like it when @MartyFunkhouser does one


I hate you all


Ah laefs, you’re genuinely one of my favourites :slight_smile:


Evening. I’ve just got back from my local theatre where I saw A Christmas Carol.

It was so well done. I feel quite lucky having such a good theatre 5 minute walk away.


Everyone had a good laugh at the NERDS in the Smash thread?

Anyway, that’s me done my second penoid draft tournament of the night and I’m off to bed to watch Twitch streams, in my jedi knight dressing gown, under my constellations duvet.