Friday eeveningg


Ergh fuck this I’m taking another nap


I love this song so much


Had a great day and night out. Culminated in hugging my old boss in an Irish pub while singing sweet Caroline. Shame I had to leave early to get a train. But probably a good thing too


How are your christmas decorations looking?
Just spun a few lights around my bedroom window so far. They look absolutely superb



Eric :wave:


Stay awake and #generatecontent

(I’m v drunk)


It’s a me.


Babysitting my nephew this evening. Big moment for the lad:


Yeah I could but tbh right now I’d rather sleep

Can’t believe how long my hangovers last these days.


Surely you’re not gonna stand for that while you keep your WiiMote in your handbag. Take that whippersnapper down a peg or two. Remind him who’s the man of the house!


I’m going to the pictures to see this tomorrow. Then dinner. Then beer. Looking forward to it immensely.


I’ve left the pub at 10 to stop this…but need food (#content)


Absolutely solid :+1:


Been working as a runner on a BBC drama today! My legs are absolutely dead though after having been out the house from about 5.30am till 8.30pm

Rewarded myself with brownies and ice cream and dangerous levels of chill tomorrow


Picnic in front of the fire… Not a picnic.


Ive got Chinese chips and curry sauce 6/10


I’ve had a little look, but it’s not mentioned anywhere


If you don’t link it in the thread, then it’s not a nomination