Friday eve is for the dissers


Listening to Linkin Park and drinking a beer.


I’m drinking a beer and waiting for Mark Guiliana to start.

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Just had a glass of Berocca with a Lemsip stirred into it. Hurts too much to breathe through my nose.

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Ran out of ice for cocktails, disaster

Probs a few booze, maybe get a Chinese, watch a bunch of tv and a film. Easy

Might also test out our new boiler but need to drain the radiators first argh

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I’m about to drink a lager beer and then make some tomato and mascarpone pasta for tea


Been showering at the sports centre which is a 1.5 hr round walk for the past 2 weeks. Shower fixed today so yer boy will shower in luxury tomorrow.

The sports centre dudes are nice tho - clocked I was paying for a swim and leaving 10 mins early after the third time, so just been having free showers since.


Evening prof et al

Had a headache for a few hours now, trying to motivate myself to put clothes away but I just seem to pile them up in different locations and then simply…walk away.

Think I’ve tracked down the weird addictive noodles that got discontinued, but have maybe come back slightly differently - time will tell.

Living in fear of never having a job again. Going to do some absolute hustling to sell gift vouchers and that for xmas - what else can I offer?!

Might listen to Linkin Park and drink beer, imo.

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Gonna have a medicinal Guinness and some medicinal jacket potatoes then watch some more New Girl.


On train to deepest, darkest South Lanarkshire

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You in the 'mere?


Yup, until dec

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Genuinely for tax reasons. Love saying that.


Also have a beer. I never have a beer.

Just remembered saw this touching plaque at the cinema the other day

Really did me


Literally seen you drink a beer in person.

Can we trust the words of this liar any more, community members?


Oh and also got this moody pic of Glasgow this morning


So the sport centre is the one up the hill?

Might have another, once the toddler’s in bed. Going to take a fucking age, I can feel it :upside_down_face:

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