Friday Evenin'


Well I’m broke and going to Wales in the morning so think I’m settling in with some Budweisers and telly. Might do a stir fry in a bit.

Hey good looking’s, what you got cooking’s?


Evening Ruffers,

Bout to go meet an ATD for a couple of beers, then onto meet his good lady and her friend who apparently i’ll get on really well with because we have so much in common etc etc…hmmmmmm not so sure about things like this :grimacing:


Haha you’re full on being set up! Have fun! Do you have any obscure band t-shirts you can attend in? That’ll sort the wheat from the chaff.


Got a plumber coming round to fix the plumbing. Might go to the local metal night that launches tonight


no doubt about it ma man, haha if only it was warm enough for an obscure band tshirt, it’s fucking Baltic.


Alright man?

Paella for tea/dinner followed by ice buns for pudding/dessert. Gonna finish my coursework, drink some booze, watch a bit of the Ashes.


Trying to find something to do. There’s a big party happening but not fancying that. Might see if my housemate fancies fish and chips and a trip to the local


How are your gcse’s going?



finally made it out of saudi arabia (yay)
now I’m in dubai (boo)

about to head out and grab some scran and suss out the beer situation


Genuinely took me 2 resits before I got a C in gcse maths.


mind and don’t touch any mens hips


are you sure? it doesn’t sound like you’re very good at counting


No real plans, gonna watch the love witch and drink a couple tins. Might go bed at 9:30 tbh.


Got to decide
-what takeaway I want
-whether to go to this party
-what booze to take to this party, if I go (wanky beer or get wankered on cheap lager and rum)


so many people have said this to me


Don’t even touch your own


a moment on the hips, a lifetime in the jail


Get physically irked when Channel 4 think they’re clever and show something like season 25 of the Simpsons. That’s not The Simpsons. Learn Simpsons.


I’m not very original



things were so shit 3 months ago and now they’re so good.

i’m awesome!