Friday Evenin'

Thought I should get this started before all the pizza chat got lost in the daytime thread.

What’s going on tonight?

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alright mate?

I wish I had pizza, it’s been ages.

I miss pizza

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Evening FL. Having some beers at home, gonna head out for drinks for a friend who’s moving back to Australia in a bit

I’m going against protocol and getting a curry in instead. Trying to cut down in takeaways but I couldn’t be arsed cooking tonight.



Just sat in an empty cafe, walked out of a food documentary cos it started talking about meat causing cancer and clinical health stuff makes me feel agitated and like I’m gonna faint, cos I’m weird. tripped over someone on the way out too, what a loser

You should get pizza soon :+1:

I won’t lie Bam, I have been pretty stressed out by family stuff and unruly toddler stuff, but right now I actually feel quite ok. I have some nice things in my life at the moment to balance out the rubbish for a while.

How are you, other than pizza-less?

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I had a pizza. I’ve got a case of the epimers. Probably unrelated.

Wasn’t planning on doing anything tonight anyway tbf.

would love a toffee apple right now though

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not too bad thanks.

I finished an album today so that’s something!

Bit apprehensive cos I’m meant to be going for a walk in the peak district but I think I’m too lazy and unfit


That stuff makes me feel odd too, actually I’m ok reading it but if there is anything spoken or shown then I am not good with it.

All the cool people trip over anyway, its staying upright which is for losers.

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Evening, FL and everyone

I might go to bed soon tbh

Congratulations on completing the album!

You seem to do a decent amount of walking, I’m sure you’ll be fit enough for it, plus just think how calming the scenery will be.

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yeah should be cool hopefully my boots will hold up they’re not in the best of nick

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Not too early for bed in your time zone imo, hope you are feeling better than earlier x

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The animals’ room is completely sorted and doesn’t stink of rabbit pee any more.

Plan for the rest of the evening:

  • Steam clean the kitchen floor
  • Gym
  • Dinner. (May be fish finger sandwiches).
  • Watch Isle of Dogs with Mrs Z

Going to see some music but it’s in a cinema so I’ll get to sit down. I don’t think I’ve ever done a sit down music thing before.

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I have, it’s way better than standing!

That’s what I’m thinking too. Evening is good for sitting.

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Depends on the genre and artist thing, but largely agree with this. I’m obviously becoming an old man, because I’d have violently disagreed not so long ago.

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