Friday Evening After All


I’ll link to the Finlay Quaye song in a minute.

Wu tang clan is for the children

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hi keith!


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Had the afternoon off and went to see an ATD I hadn’t seen for ages for a few socially distanced cans in his garden, which was nice.

Now cooking a risotto Keith Floyd style (pissed)

This is my banger for today.

sweetcorn dhansak

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Misread this. I thought that you’d somehow been to see At The Drive In.

Hi Keith, all! Had a looooong ol’ day at work but got southern fried chicken, homemade chips and beans for tea and the butcher gave me a big slab of biltong so that’s nice.


Felt a bit grotty after a morning in hospital; so cheered myself up by ordering far too much takeaway.

I now feel a bit sick.


Was supposed to meet an ATD for beers an such but he’s bailed. Pretty disappointed, was looking forward to getting on it.
What to do now :thinking:

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If only! Going to a gig would be lovely right now.

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Just sliced it up, it’s like a mini carpaccio, amazing.

Evening all. I had a haircut and probably weigh a kilo less now. I renewed my motor insurance and the quote didn’t go up despite having a speeding conviction to report. I cleaned the bathroom and received a pair of power meter pedals in the mail.

I hope my life is as exciting to read about as it is to live.

Wor Lass does not approve of this manner of biltong.

The butcher in the African shop slices it into chunks the size of a thumb.

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Both are good imo.

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Different cuts for different needs innit.

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