Friday evening banging tunes inside please

Give me music.
Drink beer.
Smoke em if ya got em.

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Someone has 2 mins to post another song…

In work 'til 8 guys, keep me going eh.

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Evening Matt, I’ve been listening to a band called white, they’re from Glasgow and they released heir debut record recently

Listening to Vincent by Car Seat Headrest. Destroyed by Hippie Powers next. Both quite banging. Sadly I no longer drink or smoke, but I’ll knock back a coffee like a label boss later in honour of this thread.

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Is it self titled? Could be hard to Google :confused:
Edit:scratch that :thumbsup:

It’s called ‘one night stand forever’

After seeing carseat headrest at the relatively small deaf institute last year he/they are now playing the Ritz… crazy… good on the lad.

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Anyone know what movie is used in this video?


Tune :metal:

I’ll raise you another Hello Rockview banger

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That’s beneath the planet of the apes

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Evening MWT et all,

Just ordered a burrito and I’m on my second beer :burrito::beers:

My banging tune contribution:


I was about to post this, then I realised you were after tasteful tunes -


Fits the criteria whichever way you look at it :smile:

Feel really tired and rundown, walking past all the pubs :frowning:

Fancy something really nice for tea but don’t know what.

That vegetarian thread is a real shit show huh.