Friday evening banging tunes inside please


Just had an absolute sitcom moment where I opened a press and an open pack of spaghetti slowly started pouring down on me

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Had an exhausting day. Gonna prolly struggle to finish two beers and fall asleep watching masterchef.

If I was gonna order Thai food I’d phone Thai Siam

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This is no laughing matter. This very thing once caused a chef to DIE.

It’s one of many stories collected in this book:

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Oh and here’s a choon


I’ve always enjoyed using mouth breather as an insult

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P much boycotted Jesus Lizard since the singer said “our music isn’t for homosexuals” onstage at atp.
Don’t even care if he thought it was bants, just shithousery.

Can’t like this enough.

Give us a choon K

Hi5s all round.

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beer is now being drunk

gonna hop on justeat

i have no self control

20 chuffing minutes left

Really? :confused: what the hell?

Clicked on the track reply thing not sure if it was gonna be a reply to jesus lizard or falling asleep watching masterchef

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I now have a beer. Cheers. :beers: