Friday evening banging tunes inside please

Ikr. Probably felt it more cause I was there, but still.

Fucking love Jesus Lizard, although I’m worried that now makes me a bad guy.

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You’re a nice guy, i like you just fine…


what you doing when you finish then ruffers?

4 minutes left


I’m on hold with virgin media and my drink tastes like the vile recesses of hell @83746725 BUT It’s in a babysham glass, I’ve got glitter nails and I’m officially on holidaaaaaaaayyyyyyeeeeeeahhhhh!!! Shimmyshimmy.


Lexington for a couple, then a mates houseparty, then probably the yard :confounded:
Hope you have a good weekend!

What y’all drinking?

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Would usually use a glass but really can’t be arsed with anything tonight.

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Are you teetotal?

This shite -

Mr Bullington-smythe esquire loves it though. He’s well posh.



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No but I’m trying to cut back on the amount of booze I drink. I’m also trying to Parkrun tomorrow and I could do without a hangover. And I’m probably going to spend the rest of the weekend drinking gin and tonics and Moscow Mules.

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This any good? Almost bought it the other day but went to tesco for some cans (see above) instead.

Can’t grumble at 3 for £5

what a barge

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