Friday EVENING commences

Pretty busy work day, think next week is set up to be messy but that’s a future me problem!

Off to the park for bbq, beer, games - any plans involving actually having to get on public transport to go somewhere were shut down as soon as I woke up

watching Beau Is Afraid

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Fingers crossed for the downpour that has been brewing. Few places not too far have had a good soaking and hailstones. Something needed here just to clear the air and cool things.

Bed for youngest bairn shortly. Hope she doesn’t string it out.

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Can anyone explain why I’ve suddenly got sore red rings around my eyes? I came out the shower and rubbed either side of my eyes and noticed it burned so I sprayed some tea tree oil stuff on and rubbed e45 on my face and now I look like I’m turning into a zombie, wtf is this

Evening all :wave:

Having very unseasonal Pieminister pie and mash for dinner - but I’m sat outside and it’s not too warm so I think it’ll be alright. It’s been nice to have a couple of hours of sitting around tbh.


Did chicken breasts and corn on cob in the air fryer for tea.

Gonna sit in the garden with the dog and enjoy the evening sunshine with a beer while it lasts. Forecast looks a bit rubbish for the next few days.

On the expensive shit

Making garlic and herb pork steaks with a summery ratatouille and some beers after


I look like I’ve been wearing goggles made of sulphuric acid. Baffling

Going out to a gig in a sweaty basement but it’s just started pissing down


At work summer party. Everybody was excited because they thought Roger Federer was coming but it was just a video message. Such a sense of betrayal.

Quite drunk but it’s shite and I’ve spoken to most of the people i know and like.


Alright evening gang

We’ve just set off on the train, stopping in Manchester tonight for the wedding if a couple of ATDs (if I’m dis enough to use that term) tomorrow, very excited! :blush:

Once we’ve checked into the hotel we’re having a drink with friends who live in town + groom and his brother who by coincidence are staying in the same hotel. Been very stressed and coiled tight worrying about being prepared for this, but now we are so I’m ready to relax and enjoy my weekend.

Hope you’re all doin good


How’s the waterproof and bag situation

Dinner in the garden tonight, which was nice

Off to a gig tonight, which @grievoustim will also be at. A double Tim day! What a treat. (The gig should be good too)


Absolutely gorgeous. Served with some jersey royals


Her Indoors found a pac a mac in my "outdoor pursuits box’ forgot I had it because it’s not rained at a festival I’ve been to since Green Man 2019. Reserved a bag in Uniqlo for click and collect on Sunday. I’m told it’s famous for how much it will carry

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Love a pre wedding pub visit


Did you put tea tree oil on your eyes? Because that won’t have helped i imagine


I’m very, very tired. Watching Black Mirror then gonna sleep I think:



It was this, it sounded perfect

I’ve had to put makeup on

Like it’s right around my eyes above my eyebrows and down to the lower bags and the outer edge beyond the eyebrows