Friday EVENING commences



Had a dream last night that there was a tiny dog running around my parents house. You’d try to pick it up but it would kick and stuff so much it was impossible to keep hold of, like a rabbit. It was more like having a rat or a mouse it was so fast. Eventually I managed to find it and put a big bowl on it to capture it but a bit later I ended up accidentally flattening it against something. I lifted the bowl up and the tiny dog was totally flattened and dead. What does it all mean?

My dream involved me jacking in my current (amazing job) and going back to my old employer, who had been taken over by Tesco. Woke up believing it was true. Awful

I dreamt the singer out of Angel Du$t stole my Jammy Dodgers and lobbed them over a fence

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Mentally and physically drained. Can’t wait for bed.

Weekend plans?

Phone call with Dad.

Me: “Hey, how’s it going?”


Me: “Doing anything for Fathers Day Sunday”


Me: “All righty then, give you a call Sunday”

“Sounds good”

18 seconds. Brilliant.


Current view

Rabbits in the corner of the shot


The bbq hasn’t lit

Drunk and hungry argh

Arctic Monkeys!!! And all of the sleeping.


Lazy day tomorrow, nothin on - but then Wes Anderson double bill and seeing Richard Thompson with me ma

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Sounds like a delight!

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Alright DiS

Just come up to bed. Mini snoozing so im rewatching Inside No 9. Might grab a small G&T for a little night cap.

Going to make a 2nd attempt at Conwy tomorrow (after last weeks failed attempt). Then in laws for tea for bro in laws birthday. Unsure about Sunday yet.

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There was a bit of poo in on the floor in one of the boys toilets today, underneath a cardboard insert of a loo roll meaning someone had a poo and used the cardboard insert to wipe themselves and then struggle to realise what to do with it and left it on the floor with a dollop of poo.

Spent my whole afternoon asking “did you have a poo today?” :upside_down_face:

Funny thing was that one of them went “yeah?” And I went did you get any poo on the floor? And they were like no? So the mystery was unsolved.

Thanks for reading.

Anyone had a poo today?


Are these good?

Annoying lack of stage times means that despite arriving 55 minutes after the advertised door time I’ve still been standing around on my own for 20 minutes so far waiting for someone to play


And I don’t work with children


Evening all!

Avoided most of the torrential downpour earlier and played some football.

I’m drinking a tonic water and watching Holmes and Watson.

Downpour didn’t arrive. Went cold, slight breeze, birds circling weirdly, ominous clouds then it passed and the sun came blazing back again. Like an interrupted yawn sort of dissatisfaction.

Now watching some nonsense sandra bullock, tatum nonsense and drinking the last of the shite beer.

Classic dad, but when did he last call you?

The only time in his (and my) entire life that my dad phoned me was the day my mum got rushed into hospital with a pulmonary embolism. Still have no idea how he got my number.