Friday Evening, Folks.

Three late. Within PPM.

Heading out of MCR in a bit, will prob doze on the train.


Pizza protocol thing too.

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Evening he_2

Was going to get the thread going at 18:01 but had titling anxiety.

Waiting for R to be dropped home then will get him to bed before SFPP. I’m very hungry so hoping so is agreeable to a smooth bedtime implementation.

Done next to nothing today.

Got a mosquito bite on my earlobe, really annoying. Currently awaiting today’s mystery misery lunch, only 8 of these misery meals left thankfully.

What’s the pizza tonight, FL?

Had a great day at Camber Sands with the kids and dogs. I’m hoping that all of them are as knackered as I am.

Once I’ve got the sprogs in bed I’m going to crack open a beer and stick a movie on.


good evening everybody!

No pizza for me as I’m on a diet. Having a delicious cold glass of water though :slight_smile:

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Cheese and tomato, Hawaiian, a fancier cheese and tomato (not my selections).


Sat eating a kebab on a park bench with a can of san pel


This isn’t a park, it’s a road!


had a dr oetker frozen pizza rip off - ‘Buitoni’.

not a fucking shine on the doktor.

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classy bit of parsley on the chips there

On the way home. Need to buy cat food, then will think about dinner. May follow FL in SFPP.

Need to add some betting adverts to a website after that :frowning:

Girlfriend is coming down to Newcastle for the weekend for the first time. We were thinking about going out - Du Blond / Beth Jeans Houghton is on at the Cluny, or there’s some jazz at the Star & Shadow. Not sure we’ll make it tho, her train is delayed and for various reasons we both slept badly last night.

No pizza tonight cos we’ve got a 2 for 1 Brewdog pizza voucher we’re gonna use tomorrow. Got some fake fish goujons to have with some chips tonight.



Just washed a load of shirts accidentally with a pink sock in there too



Evening gang. Had a really long, shitty day so got 6 cans of Korev (330ml) to go with dinner (garlicky lamb steaks, rosemary and parmesan wedges, green beans) and going to keep the telly off and read. Might start No Hunger In Paradise.


Got fajitas lined up for dinner. Yummy in my tummy.


Same as yesterday, with “salad”


Ohhhh that last sentence. Another part of me dies :cry:

At least you’ve got a bit of colour on your plate today?