Friday Evening, Folks.

Yeah, between you and me, I hope the trial isn’t successful.

oh man :cry:

you’re being mugged off by that chef i think :smiley:

Had roast chicken and roast potatos - was very nice thank-you. Need to spend tonight sorting which stuff I want to move to my new flat tomorrow. Might be difficult as it’s all packed into one little box room. Get to drive a big van tomorrow.

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Excellent day at the beach.

Probably getting a new Indian takeaway in a bit, likely get some wine in too seeing as it’s Friday.


Home from my Marie Antoinette screening which went well. My friends all buggered off with or back home to their respective boyfriends, so I’m feeling a bit left over. But I’ve got wine.

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cheers! :tea:

(I’ve only got tea but still)

And us!


Currently sat in The Montagu Pyke spits but looks both ways so as to not offend having a nice enough beer. Feel like a sesh might be on the cards depending on whether the comedy is hitting or as light hearted as could be. That said, i feel like drinking about 5% more than usual at this point and had a sensory moment on the train I’d like to forget.

Avoided the tube to get here though and slalomed down oxford street, which was fun. Anyway, I’m in company.



Likewise! Insidious.

I went and had a look at that SA forum and it’s like looking at the 90s. Feeling pretty grateful for DiS.

Yeah they hate us

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Hi everyone. Hope you’re all doing well. I’m having a but of a shitty day. Baby is pretty sick (running a temperature and very clingy, probably her teeth causing havoc but not nice), and am here until 9. Had to sanction a member of my team today, for something really silly, so feel a bit flat now.

Mate, your dinners never look any less than wholly satisfying. Hats off, again!

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And to think it’s only a couple of years since old-DiS.

Tone Pepperone?

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This fame should’ve been kiks dammit

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Can’t even remember old dis now. No photos? No polls? Dark ages stuff man.

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Is your chef Ja Rule?