Friday evening Friday

Plans? Dinner? Drinks?


Hey Rich

Dinner was vegie lasagne DONE

Watching Selling Sunset. Terrifying.

Drinks…hmm, not drinking until my birthday as have been getting a bit too much wine every night in the last month’s so it’ll be squash.


What squash you got in?

Off to meet pals for a drink and hopefully home in time for low

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F&C for dinner, already in my belly.

No plans for tonight other than a beer or two. Oh wait - I just remembered that there’s a salted caramel doughnut waiting for me in the kitchen. Tonight’s looking up!

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Vimto :face_vomiting: the kids love it though

I like a high juice orange. Waitrose ofc. So it’ll be that with some frozen lemon slices to make it fancy.


Oooh and got one of those pretzel chocolonely bars. SO GOOD. So will have some of that too.


Anyway, as I was out on my way to the chip shop, I saw a neighbour had left boxes for about six grands worth of camera kit in their recycling box

  • They’re quite trusting, maybe the local burglars aren’t into photography so wouldn’t realise they’re worth so much
  • They’re quite trusting, but we do live on a quiet street
  • Aren’t you meant to keep the boxes if you want to sell the lenses on later?
  • There’s recycling bins literally just around the corner
  • it’s recycling day next Wednesday
  • I don’t understand the question

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Made some pasta and pasta sauce for dinner. Don’t think I’ve made a pasta dish in a year or more. Ended up adding too many chili flakes and now my mouth hurts but it was good

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alright rich

winging some sort of cauliflower tacos thing. probably be fine

going for a sneaky pint later as well i think. been a stressful week at casa tunes. got a really nice copy of Graceland for £3 so will be having a wee tipsy foot tap to that later

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Still at work for another 30 mins

Get home, walk, Fall Guys, bed

What a life


Got to the final today!! :muscle:

It’s tough as I have to let kids have a go and take turns. 🤷


Been working 12-14 hour days all week, at some point about 4pm today my brain just broke. Chinese for dinner. Might go for a walk and listen to the new bright eyes and then just keep going until i walk into the sea.

Long day. Gonna make some burgers and drink some ciders.

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For some reason I’m watching Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. It’s the most ridiculous film I’ve ever seen.

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Gonna link to this again just so everyone’s aware

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Hey everyone

I snuck out to a local brewery that you can drink in again now. It was pretty nice to have some nice draft beer.

Home again now, having a doorstep beer. Ovens on for pizza. I need a killer A plus movie to watch with my daughter when she gets back from work later (other 2 will be out)


I’ve been to the final a lot now, and all it took was nonstop playing for four days. :muscle:t2:

I have a really nice costume, do you?

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Tried making a lentil dahl. Proper fucked it up. Chippy it is

Labour Party CLP (online) or Big John’s End to Landlordism call, still haven’t decided.

Veggie lasagna. Not with @Slicky

Sugar free ginger beer.


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