Friday evening Friday

Still at work for another 30 mins

Get home, walk, Fall Guys, bed

What a life


Got to the final today!! :muscle:

It’s tough as I have to let kids have a go and take turns. :person_shrugging:


Been working 12-14 hour days all week, at some point about 4pm today my brain just broke. Chinese for dinner. Might go for a walk and listen to the new bright eyes and then just keep going until i walk into the sea.

Long day. Gonna make some burgers and drink some ciders.

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For some reason I’m watching Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. It’s the most ridiculous film I’ve ever seen.

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Gonna link to this again just so everyone’s aware

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Hey everyone

I snuck out to a local brewery that you can drink in again now. It was pretty nice to have some nice draft beer.

Home again now, having a doorstep beer. Ovens on for pizza. I need a killer A plus movie to watch with my daughter when she gets back from work later (other 2 will be out)


I’ve been to the final a lot now, and all it took was nonstop playing for four days. :muscle:t2:

I have a really nice costume, do you?

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Tried making a lentil dahl. Proper fucked it up. Chippy it is

Labour Party CLP (online) or Big John’s End to Landlordism call, still haven’t decided.

Veggie lasagna. Not with @Slicky

Sugar free ginger beer.


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I need to put more hours in.

And no, V keeps changing it to half wolf half chicken every time he gets chance. :sob:


Big John’s wearing his red jumper


Just finished work - now 10 days off! Woo!!!

Watching asterix and the mansions of the gods. Having matt berry as chief vitalstatistix is incredibly distracting.


What’s with all the jumpers today?? It’s August!!


Hey Rich and everyone else

I haven’t missed a single thing off my to-do list today, absolute scenes. Shoe fitting for R went absolutely seamlessly but even so that level of outsideness and interaction has left me a bit ruined. Might have to have a nice rock back and forth to relax once R is asleep, maybe a bit of waving my arm like a lucky cat for extra stim points (hasn’t done this one for years but right back into it recently)

Pizza was ages ago so more chocban cake for me I think and then beer or possibly beers.


I wish it was cold enough for jumpers :frowning:

Which one are you gonna have first ?

Plans: sofa, writing, cans, late night, loud music (in a Pulp mood again tonight)
Dinner: peri-peri chicken, veg, saffron rice
Drinks: Stella, 1 (one) bottle of Thatchers, Pressure Drop, Overtone, Mikkeller (precise choices TBA)

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Green tea one, also a Pressure Drop NE pale I already had :+1:

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Which Thatchers is it please?