Friday Evening In Thread

How are all you beautiful people?
I’ll be honest with you all I’m extremely hungover and relishing the night of delicious nothingness ahead. Just had a veggie jamaican pasty/patty thing, nice. Pizza later, but got no tea in :confused: Hot chocolate it is!
I will probably also sporadically fill this thread with music videos you’ll hate.

thanks for making this thread so I look like less of an egomaniac x

Ruffers I want to make some krautrock but is that just a bit boring?

Procrastinated literally all day. Zero work done. Worst feeling ever. I hate myself.

It’s not boring in and of itself but it is a lot better live in my honest opinion, it’s also well worn territory isn’t it but if you feel like you could do something newish with it I’d recommend it! You’re a smashing songwriter and there’s something lovely about those hypnotic basslines and such you get in krautrock. Make it synth heavy and quite menacing would be my requests!

Hey Ruffers and everyone

Good on you for getting pizza :pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza:

I’m not having pizza tonight but I did just buy to for 30% off from the shop!!! Using some taco leftovers to make a quesedilla kind of thing right now. Also got nachos chips and a guacamole dip so I’m all set for a night in, watching more Black Mirror which I started last night :+1:

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I allow myself one (1) pizza a week, more fills me with shame. But the day changes as is my want.

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I don’t think I’m cool enough to make it new really but it’s easy and fun. I should challenge myself more!

oh yeah it’s my LAST EVER pizza night tonight

Hello ruffdawg and the dweebs. Wife’s making gnocchi. Might watch Embrace of the Serpent in a bit.

You definitely are bud!
Oh are you giving up pizza cold turkey?! God speed, good luck.

well I will be unemployed next weekend so need to be disciplined. Just gonna live off of bread and arpeggios.

Do you know if Ghost in the Shell is worth going to see?

You mean the new thing? Would very much doubt it but not really my scene.

I’ve not seen the original but they seem to be showing it in various places because of the new one and people keep going “oh you haven’t seen it? you absolutely MUST!” but yeah no idea about any of that really, not even seen Akira :thinking:

I mean i enjoyed it when i was 15 but im not really one for anime tbh.

Housemates want to go pub.

I’m in my joggers and am not going out in this weather. I refuse!

Ooooh I forgot to mention: I met a 7 week old baby earlier today!!! I love babies so much, but seeing them doesn’t make me feel like I need to get one of my own, which is great.

Also I was meant to go to a party tonight but I’ve been sniffly and poorly all week so staying in with food and tv instead.

When I meet babies I realise how sort of basically nice they are and it makes me sad.

Why does it make you sad?