Friday Evening In Thread

I’m so ducking hungry. Too tired to cook though. Anyone wanna make these sweet potato cakes and caraway cabbage for me???

State of this place, state of me.


Hmm ok. Meeting babies makes me happy because they’re so nice. In contrast to everything else, like.

I’m listening to Snarky Puppy, it’s making me feel really happy!

Evening all,

Meeting some friends in the big smoke. I do not approve of the bar that they have chosen! Its stuffy as fuck!

Have pleasant ones!

Where bounce they taken you wizzylizzy? (promise not to stalk you!)

Very central Ruffers, very central! I think its more so the guy that organised it can get to kings cross easily…


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I’m in a small town in the flat foresty bit of Austria. Having a quiet night because I have to be on a train for a few hours in the morning, and starting work teaching kids at 7.30 CET when my brain still seems to be stuck on UK time has been tiring me out. I spend 2 hours on a train tomorrow to go back to Vienna, and then 4 hours on Sunday to go from Vienna to Styria. After a week in a small town, where all the vege food involves spätzle and scrambled eggs (or is pizza that seems to be made with Austrian bread roll dough), or is a cheese and Spar fake vege ham roll I made myself, I’m really looking forward to the vegan restaurant opposite the station I arrive at in Vienna that does seitan steak with sweet potato fries.

I’ve been making complicated hotel bookings all evening and messaging a friend I’m travelling with in March back and forth about the arrangements.

I’m travelling for work in Austria for the next month. They book a hotel for me sun-fri, but sat I just get given a £50 allowance, and book somewhere mysellf. I’m criss-crossing the country for work bookings, so it’s involved a bit of logistics (and trying to find nice places for £35-40, so I can pocket the difference, which is allowed by my work).

Then I’m back in the UK for 6 days at the start of March, then off to Japan for 2 weeks, to Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. The Kyoto hotel is complimentary for 5 nights because I won a competion/it’s a promotional thing, but me & my friend are on a strict £20 per night budget for the other accommodation. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to find a decent twin room in Tokyo on a £20 per night each budget though. I thought it was going to be a depressing experience.

Got 10 different active bookings on now, and still have one more to make.

Always wanted to go to Japan tbh, that trip sounds bloody amazing!


Diary pages making my brain hurt. However when you’re in a different school with a different schedule/course/lesson times every week you kind of have to do this, or else you get totally confused

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Enter more raffles! (Or conveniently have a travel blog they would like you to take photos for)

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While you all stuff your faces with :pizza: and :beers: I am sat here writing SQL queries :nerd:

Raided Bandcamp today in the name of charity so immersing myself in a bunch of ambient dub records from my favourite little label :headphones:

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I am gonna watch Boys from the Blackstuff.

My plan this evening had been to do some more uni work. I don’t know if making a (frankly amazing) vapourwave remix of my lecturer actually counts as uni work though

Evening lovely people. Been to a leaving do for a work mate, had some :beers: now back home and cooking a :pizza:

Might put some tunes on and crack open a few more :beers:


Don’t think I’ve ever liked anyone I’ve worked with, is that unusual?

Kinda want to go out but I really need to go home, but I also really want to drink a big bottle of wine but I also need to go home but I also want to get shit faced but I also don’t have any money but I also need to go home but I also really want to get drunk but I’ve been drunk for 2 weeks now and have no money

fucking ate too much pizza and drank too much ale!