Friday Evening is alrig... less good with no pubs

The best thing about these iirc is you get like a bin bag full of them.

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I refuse to correct this


Well I enjoyed my last few pints.
Not home and gonna make some pork belly thing.

Can’t believe they’ve closed the fucking pubs and restaurants. :rage::weary::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Woah what channel is due south on

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It is indeed a bin-bag’s worth, and all for the princely sum of £1. Happy days

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I’m feeling rotten and panicking that’s it’s COVID even though I don’t have any of the main symptoms. Been a taxing few weeks so I’m putting it down to that.

A mate is doing a radio show on Resonance FM later, a tribute to my friend who passed away beginning of this week. I’ll listen to that, probably have a bit of a cry then watch some MasterChef to soothe me.


Hope you’re doing ok dude. Have a relaxing evening…

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Most of it on youtube, might pick up the dvds tho


That’s at least three of us with next week off!

Big plans?


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evening all :wave:

feel well tired, glad it’s Friday tbh. need tk make some plans for the weekend but they will heavily involve being sat down with my feet up I reckon

had McDonald’s for dinner - I had the Spicy Quarter Pounder and it was… alright? only thing I could really taste was the spicy ketchup and it wasn’t that nice. 5/10. my wife had the Quarter Pounder Deluxe and liked it, although it only had one slice of cheese and she wasn’t happy about it. 7/10.

Don’t you usually harp on about Blu-ray and the importance of resolution :thinking:

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Just sat down with my dinner to watch some television. Very exciting.

Yeah but it’s only available on like import ntsc dvds, gonna watch a few before spending $.

Sorry mate, hate that feeling but as you know it will definitely pass. Hope it happens quickly :+1:

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Mrs stack got the beers in so a few will be very nice tonight thank you. On unpaid call tonight (phone support) on an engineering job so won’t go too crazy. Until 10pm then I can go crazy.

Very hungry dis. Very hungry indeed.

Pizza and chips in the oven

Going to have a wine and watch walking dead I guess.

  • get some fucking beers
  • don’t get some fucking beers

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i’ve got next friday off

  • just ate pasta
  • found the last white chocolate orange in Tesco and it was only one english pound too
  • bought a giant sleeping Pikachu soft toy as a gift for my mate’s soon-to-be-born but really - tempted to keep it
  • playing 7-a-side later tonight for the first time since Feb, then gonna have a loooooong bath and a beer
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