Tell me your interesting STUFF

Dr Mrs Epimer is off on a hen weekend (not hers; told her to “do me proud” if there’s any strippers), so I’ve got a pizza on the way and I’m doing nothing but playing computer games all weekend.


Still in the bath. Not sure what to have for tea. Or should I go for a walk? No idea at all.

As of an hour ago I no longer work in digital media. I’m gonna touch so much grass.

But first, Zelda.

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  • Try a new Chinese
  • Something else

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I’m making Oklahoma smash burgers for the first time - hoping for a good result

Maybe a Basil Smash too since I actually tracked down some lemons, finally

Waiting to put a bairn to bed. Going to do a bit of work and have a beer. Would like to play zelda but events are conspiring against me even buying it.

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TGIF indeed! Sleep schedule is off from working late last night into the morning. Going to take a nap, then listen to some new releases with a couple beverages I’d imagine. Followed by sushi for dinner.


Not much happening really.

Jackie P cooking as I type.

Back down the train mines at 5am, so it’ll be another early night.

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My husband is at golf so I’ve made chilli tofu and I’m watching couples therapy (anyone else watch this? I’m such a nosy cow but also love any relationship chat)

Survived the bus journeys, 3 hours to go 30 miles. All checked in to a delightful Ibis budget. Not too hungry so might just play some Zelda before the gig and then get a late takeaway.

Had fishcakes for tea, Veep now. Drank a growler-full of beer quite fast so might need to hit up Tesco for more.

I have no interesting things. I’m feeling drained, flat and fed up.

Got a takeaway ready meal box for dinner. I suppose that’s something.

Train strikes are quite annoying

  • Get a pizza and go to the gym tomorrow
  • Get a pizza and fuck the gym tomorrow

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Had gnocchi for tea, and run around after the kids.

Glorious if cold walk this morning, hopefully this picture is scratch and sniff and you can get the wild garlic from it.

Need to watch the new Marvelous Mrs Maisel, sad that the series is nearly at an end.


Aww yeah, this is gonna be a good good summer drink


Was supposed to be going on holiday to Portugal in the summer and now I’m not. Consoling myself with a shitty pizza and gonna watch TV that makes me extremely restless to be doing anything else, but I’ve been ill for the past 10 days so I can’t.

Don’t think people really talk enough about how this was a stonecold alltime banger…


Brief zelda break to do bedtime. Have realised I’ve booked in a private tour on Sunday like an absolute fool so might just dtay up all night to make up for it.

Have put my birthday bottle of wine in the fridge from funky :beers::woman_elf: