Friday evening is upon us.

Alright? Woss gahn on?

  • going out
  • going out-out
  • staying in
  • boozing
  • takeaway
  • cooking
  • watching some shite
  • :alien:
  • other
  • dunno

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Tell me what your evening looks like.

Mate it’s an anon poll u fucked it


Working for another 2hrs. Then home, food, booze, bed.


I’ve said cooking but actual cooking will be limited to making scrambled eggs

About to do a bit of duolingo and then wash up

Ffs this website!!!111

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I’ve just put a pizza in

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Generally being saddened

Got cajoled by the woman in the Chinese supermarket into a strange off the books transaction which has netted a slab of crispy roast pork belly cut from a giant one sat in a tray Just tried a bit cold and it’s delicious, but I might be regretting it tomorrow.


Had a pizza. Feta and caramelised onion. Was nice enough.

Going to go for a wine at 7

V has requested Die Hard as the Friday movie and who am I to refuse?

Bit if a bad day where someone irked me by something fairly minor but incredibly selfish and annoying which I am struggling to get over and don’t know why really. :person_shrugging::thinking:

Just got my newest bit of fridge art

M is chanting in the other room. Probably possessed?

Had chilli and nachos. Shower and Curb and bed.


So far:

Tree up

Low on

Dinner served

What Christmas movie shall I watch?

  • Home Alone 2 (classic, reliable)
  • Klaus (not seen it before but supposed to be good)

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Putting the kids to bed and then going to crack open a beer and watch something. I don’t know whether to watch something I know is going to be bad… Halloween kills or something which might actually be good.

The only thing I’ll be drinking tonight is Irn Bru and later, some water.

:alien: means:

  • very tired
  • drugs

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Was going to stay in, but I’m feeling a bit bored and haven’t been out the house much this week. Hmm. That said I’ll probably prevaricate long enough that I’ll stay in anyway


Boozing (currently a Paulaner Weissbier)
Cooking (Aubergine with basil and mozarella)
Watching some shite (have started Blown Away on Netflix and enjoying it)
Other (off on holiday for a long weekend tomorrow :laughing: so packing a bag and going to bed early)


X files marathon imo


Evening Eric and co,

Finished work, had a bit of a disaster today. Worked on something I’ve done before but somehow managed to do it all completely wrong. Gaaaah. Anyway. It’s fine.

Tonight I am in on my own! And I’m fine with that because it means I can watch anything I want!! Cackle. I do normally but this way I feel less bad if it turns out to be awful.

Don’t know what to have for dinner. Was going to make a chilli… might just make a chilli. Mmm.

Going to have a gin and tonic or ten as well!!


I am doing a pub crawl of my local pubs with my atd. Having a very lovely time, thank you for asking.


Also, all of the people working in this pub are v hot.