Friday evening: melting edition

It is a bit warm here.

How’s things?


I love my miniature “air conditioner” and later on will figure out some way to have sex with it.


Cancelled park drinks due to storm

Got excited for storm

Now hot and sunny

No storm and no park drinks


It’s really rainy now but I like it, I might go for a walk, my sunburn dryness could do with some humidity

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Heat’s really bothering me today, disgustingly muggy. Could do with it fucking the fuck off soon so it doesn’t ruin Friday night.

Film club night! We’re watching Vertigo if anyone wants to join. Hoping I can blag the front room to watch it in so I don’t actually melt by being upstairs.

Pizza was good. Wish I had more.

My cousin’s new baby was born earlier so that was good news.

Found some mini cheesecakes in the freezer earlier, that was also good news. Ice cream would have been better news.

Hope you are all ok x


Pretty irked that it’s going to rain and be grey and not hot over the weekend as I am a big sunshine and hotness fan. Had a boring dinner as well so all a bit urgh.

Drinking a rum, peach, ginger and chai cocktail from a can. Is v good. Watching some Code 404 which is fine.


Couldn’t get through to the Chinese on the phone so it’s nuggets and chips for tea :disappointed_relieved:

This sounds very nice

When I get up I’ll give you further branding details! (It is)


Went to wisely gardens, was a full week before my booking but they let me in any way. All the food in my fridge has gone bad I think. Need to go shopping

Rum and Low for me (after a chat with my sister)

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Hello everyone survived a bear encounter earlier today so Im going to celebrate life by drinking some beers.


That does sound good.

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Yeah, this. Pretty much been stuck inside working all week and tomorrow it’s supposed to rain all day. Infuriating. Sunday afternoon currently looks ok here, so I’m hoping I can get out for a walk then at least.

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It’s fucking pissing it down here, like the rest of June. All I want is to go for a walk and skull a tin of cider!

I’m doing an online D&D short campaign. I’m playing a gnome who’s proficient in pro wrestling
Also my local rehearsal studios are opening up so going to be practising for the first time in 4 months next week :open_mouth: so psyched


Parents wanted takeaway pizza tonight but cancelled at the last minute. I don’t care though because I don’t like pizza that much :nerd_face:

‘Gnometorious’ is it?