Friday evening/night and that

Hello there everybody. How are you? Well I hope. I have done absolutely nothing today and I’m fine with that. Had a big lunch (tagliatelle with tomato & mascarpone sauce, king prawns and green beans) so just having some cheesy chips for tea and watching Gossip Girl. Going to have a Lidl beer or two I reckon. How are your Friday nights looking then?

Waiting for the washing to finish then going to go to the pub I think.

Why does my washing machine always lie to me? The countdown clock says 6 minutes for at least 25.

Gonna go home now I reckon. Desk tidied. Out of office ON


Just checking Facebook for events to see if any pique my interest.

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GF stocked the fridge with beers upon my arrival while she is working late. She knows me too well. Sent her picture of me with a beer in my hand at 1pm and she responds “looks like over a 10 beer night then eh?” hee hee.

Evening all :wave:

Was feeling a bit bummed out about my evening plans being cancelled, but at least I’m home and it’s no longer raining. Making a Thai red chicken curry with some fried rice. Managed to set the smoke alarm off within one minute - glad that my culinary skills are still strong.


Currently listening to Neil Young’s ‘Zuma’ as I know everyone was curious :grinning:


Having Thai takeaway and a beer and watching daredevil. Just this and vidya for the evening really.

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Turns out that cheesy chips with brie instead of cheddar is quite the revelation.


Folks are away so I’m looking after ma main man this weekend

Wine and pizza as is Jacksons want :+1:


Having a nice catch up with my dad. I can tell he’s definitely missed me (I haven’t seen him for a month because of his anxiety issues/me being angry at him ruining my birthday) because he’s being really nice and properly chatting to me and laughing at things I say. Also seen all three gerbils and fed them cranberry and cheese treats :heart_eyes:

Going to eat my cauliflower and paneer ready meal and watch the England match, possibly helping out with cleaning out the gerbil tank as well.


Going out for dinner with @laika but I might be a few minutes late. Shhh nobody tell her.


fucked off my diet and have some ciders and crisps as it’s Friday


Gossip Girl!!! What season are you on @anon19035908?

I have many STRONG OPINIONS about GG.


what are you listening to?

I spent the day at the park. Cunts left a load of litter so I cleaned it up.

I then went to the park again. Fucking parks man.

Tonight - sort of Canada packing for my family and maybe play a wee bit of Switch. Takeaway too, just don’t know what to get tbqh.


We’re rewatching. My second run through, Mrs F’s third or fourth. Love it, but the last 2 seasons are utter toilet (apart from Georgina Sparks, obv) We’re coming to the end of S2 at the moment.

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was just listening to simon & garfunkel after you mentioned it in the Prince thread

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good on you for cleaning it :+1: