Friday evening/night and that

They’re a 4 as long as I don’t have to listen to them very often

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They’re the reason this website exists don’t @ me.

I subscribe to the theory that if the Beatles weren’t the Beatles then somebody better would be the Beatles.


Ironic given The Beatles never existed!


Nah, right people, right time, right place. The perfect storm.

I don’t see much meaning or colour to most of their songs, there’s nothing really to think about or leave an impression on you

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Marmite is so fucking good

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Home and absolutely off my tits


Oh lol someone I matched with on tinder is in this bar and it turns out they know people I know. I hope they speak to me cause it’s a bit boring here.

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oh no

whats the difference between marmite and vegemite?

how about you go speak to them! your a stud do it up!

They were on an episode of come dine with me. They’re too full of life.

No idea, marmite is in the uk and vegemite is Australian maybe?

men at work vegemite sandwich

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That’s right I think. One of the Australian band Jet once offered me some of his Vegemite (not a euphemism).

Not as good as Marmite, iirc

Marmite is the original. Vegimite was created because stocks were low in Australia and is inferior in taste/texture.

Ahh. Was having some birthday drinks! Missed the Wylam, but had a few of the vault city ones, and treated myself (and everyone there) to a bottle of a pricey burning sky (:grimacing:/:partying_face:).

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I really love the colour scheme of your pale green wood in the garden. What did you use? If we ever get a dry day I need to do our fence round the front.

Oh, thanks. It’s Cuprinol Willow. Think I have gone a bit ott with it as is everywhere! Keep making planters as well and made another 4 for the front of the house, also in Willow. Wife is like “you need to stop now…too much” :neutral_face::grinning:

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