Friday evening of joy

I hope. I intend to have some wine and a fine time. Currently got the window open which is blowing in a warm breeze… Far from ideal but better than no breeze.


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I am in work. I will now leave work, go to the pub, drink alcohol and then go home. I will then return to work tomorrow.

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I have to assist my GF with putting together gift bags for her sister’s hen. No other plans.

Gonna run half marathon distance :metal:


oh i am gonna try and get rickety wrecked tonight but i’m still pretty ill :frowning:


Going to leave work in a minute then go home and press my face against the patio doors until next door’s cat comes into our garden and go out and fuss over him, because he’s been shut indoors while #pythongate was ongoing and I miss him.

Might have dinner at some point too.

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:face_with_head_bandage: Sorry to hear that xylo. mum tweet don’t get drunk at the expense of your health /end mum tweet

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Fucking hell, people really spoil their pets these days.

Chronic overheating after cycling home. Time for a cold shower.

Then curry (!), killing eve, beer.

sometimes we all need a mum tweet

just going to worry about my friend and stare out of the window tonight I think

Going to try and drink about 15-20 beers today, eat 4-5 pounds of meat and listen to great tunes while hanging with good peeps. Might go swimming at some point to.


Having a sober night in cause I’ve got a bunch of shit to take care of tomorrow morning

I’ve had a really lovely day. Long walk on my own and ended up in a new beer place where I know the owner. feel pretty great tbh.


blooming heck this is an early evening thread. going to go pick up a coffee table from freecycle, it looks ok, but who knows.

Sorry, product of being home relatively early :flushed:

did a bike. was going to go see midsommar tonight but it’s quite busy and c really ba sitting in a busy cinema.

so… dunno


On my way home. Going to cook some chicken, drink some wine and have a sit in the garden I think.

going on a diet soon, but this is not the weekend to start my friend. :laughing:

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