Friday evening of joy

Evenin’ all :raising_hand_woman:

Finally sat down in the garden after a few hours of choring/cleaning and some absolute douche canoe a few gardens away seems to be drumming on a table or something? It sounds bloody awful mate, please stop. Drowning them
out with a bit of Jaws while I read. Going to crack out the CRJ soon (can’t read at the same time though, too distracting).

Why do people bother cleaning?! The more you clean the more you spot dirty bits and your chore list just gets longer and longer. It’s so fucking BORING too.

This evening I will be mostly getting drunk in my garden and then continuing that trend in the living room with some Glastonbury coverage. Been saving Lizzo, Janelle, Christine, Stormzy and a few others, pretty excited :partying_face:

Hope all my fellow DiSers have a great start to a wonderful weekend :relaxed:


cleaning is the worst

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just more and more things to notice and get stressed about that you can never seem to keep up with

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this is an interesting concept!



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Might have fish and chips


sounds like a really cool idea, I should do something like this!

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•Out for dinner (Japanese)
•the film Midsommar

But first I’m buying a new t shirt in h&m and socks because I am sweaty


I just don’t know what to do.
Might go to the cinema. Might get a curry. Might just lie on the sofa.

I hope your evenings are equally full of wonder and delight


Is this an app you can customize or something like that?

If you do, you know what you have to do.

really hate worrying about other people makes me feel sick

Didn’t want to sit in rush hour Manchester traffic so I’ve gone to do a gym class - the one that crippled my calves last time. Pray for laelfy. Then I’m going to stop at Tebay for dinner.

Off for a curry with my dad

At my parents’ gaff. Sister is making me soup noodles. Off to Greece tomorrow morning. Lovely stuff.

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:notes: Blackburds singing at twenty five past six. :notes:

It’s seriously noisy out in the garden tonight.

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I am a sweaty, greasy, dead-skin-covered gross mess, so I need to have a shower, shave my pits, do a chemical peel and slap on some moisturiser

but first I am going to make my best friend (who is not straight but we have a recurring in-joke that he is) a ridiculous custom t-shirt that is a joke about Dire Straits and hetero pride. he is very excited for it, honestly who wouldn’t be. i’m an incredible friend. [text makes it very clear it is not a serious support of straight pride]


Pridevate Investigations

Anyone heard from DB or know how she’s doing?