Friday evening of joy

the slogan is 'Their ‘s nothing DIRE , about being STRAIT !!1’ and then there’s a picture of Mark Knopfler crossed out


As usual Pervo, you are operating on another level.


How does this work. Is it as simple as writing down all the things and then picking one at random? I should do this.

Hey tilty et al

I’m having one of those rare moments where all my usual worries and doubts and whatnot seem to have, at least momentarily, faded to the background. Had a lovely couple of pints with a bunch of the support workers (as one of them is leaving her job), cycled along the river in the sunshine whilst a jazz band played on the other side of the bank, am about to get a train home and order an Indian takeaway. And then tomorrow we’re going to see my lovely aunt and uncle in the Peak District. Doesn’t happen often that everything aligns but it’s lovely when it does.


really happy for you :slight_smile:

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This is awesome :heart:

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Yes mate! Hope you have a great time in the Peaks

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i own approximately 10,000 screwdrivers

how can i not find one that i need


Alright Alanis

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Early lyrics for Alanis morrissette

Lol oops

About to make chicken fajitas then probs just have a best-friends-cuddle on the sofa and continue our drag race rewatch (season 6 at the moment)

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this could be really cool for songwriting ideas!

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Thank you

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making a t-shirt for myself too



that is intense

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All on my own, so - pizza, beer and Stranger Things.

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Weekend alone, just me and the kiddo. Partner’s hen do this weekend. Got pizza and beerz and med men/Glasto catch up.

Flying ant day today. Fuckers.


don’t know what stranger things is

also never seen any ambient live and have no idea how it would be done/go down