Friday Evening Out Out or In In Thread

Oh hi pals.

I am in Brighton for Nick Cave at the Dome. wife and I just ate all this food at the Hope And Ruin and now instead of pre drinking in a nice pub we’re at the hotel feeling sleepy.

What are you doing? Are you out or in? What you eating? If Friday was a celebrity who would it be?


In case you’re interested it’s a seitan doner kebab, hot dog with sauerkraut and doner meat, chilli cheese fries, deep fried gherkins, deep fried pickles. Washed down with four Wild Beer lagers. Want to go on a rager now, not listen to nerds try and impress Nick Cave.


I am neither THanks Thanks Hank. I am working until 9, then going home for a curry and a beer before crashing in bed

That looks fucking excellent and reminds me I had a wonderful day in Brighton last weekend

I am sort of out. My daughter is on a Brownies* activity evening, which is canoeing around the harbourside in Bristol so I am enjoying a summery waterside pint with the TV, but we have to collect her at 9pm and then go home.

*bit dubious, reckon it’s a covert paramilitary organisation tbh


Ask Nick what he thinks of seitan now he’s a vegetarian. Bound to be hilarious homophone based misunderstandings.

In in for me.

Had a lovely lovely day, followed by a quiet pint in a pub garden and now waiting for a takeaway burger and chips before home to watch Catch 22 and a couple of Japanese films I ordered this week.

Maybe one or two more beers, but not too many.

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That looks damn good. Feel as though I could eat all of it.

I’m in. Was supposed to be making diet coke chicken, but it’s looking more likely to be ordering a pizza or maybe Chinese…

Still saving Catch 22 for next weekend I reckon

Nathan for You finale tonite

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Feels odd going back to watching things in weekly episodes rather than bingery.

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Seeing Jeffrey Lewis at Tufnell Park. I’ll stop off at Camden for some food. Either a Subway or a German Doner Kebab box.

Still on a train for another 45 minutes. Halfway through my fourth and final train beer. Once I’ve arrived I’m going to meet my mum and dad in the pub where I’ll probably drink more than a man with plans for tomorrow should.

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I generally prefer it that way, I think. I get way too fidgety with the all out bingewatch

I’m at stupid work like a big stupid idiot

I hope your evenings are full of joy and wonder


I’m out, just finishing some Pho and then off to meet some friends. I’ve come straight from swimming though so I smell of chlorine and have a wet towel in my bag, so I don’t think it’s gonna be a wild one.

Had such a good day in the end after a bad start, I’ve finally got a clear view of what my life is gonna look like in 2020 (20/20 vision lmao!!!) and its exciting!


Working from home tonight like chief chump but its been so hot today that I left my work until it cools down a bit

Got big plans for spending most of the weekend on the beach with a big night out in the middle and a sunset hike on sunday to cleanse me of my sins

Hank get yourself to the beach with some drinks its too tropical to be resting inside!!!

The food at hope & ruin is so good :heart:

I want to sleep but I need to go help my gf move house. She’s had the day off to do it so hopefully not much left to do

In. Sniffly. Had leftover Chinese but still hungry. Watching Daredevil then I’m going to play Mario Maker.

Running around getting shit in preparation for tomorrows shingdig. However, my first stop was over to my sister’s house and we are drinking some beers, motivation zero. Not good my friends, not good.

Off to the local, then maybe a mega whammy of a kebab/handmaid’s tale/killing eve

Going to Austria for, like, a day tomorrow so gotta be well behaved tonight :crazy_face: