Friday Evening Out Out or In In Thread

Where would one find a German Doner box in Camden?

In. There’s some kind of community run outdoor live music thing on at the community centre behind my house. It’s… no Glasto. When I passed through there was a child absolutely murdering Black Magic to a karaoke backing track.

I didn’t see any portaloos so I guarantee my back fence will be soaked with piss by the end of the night (not a euphemism).

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What a brilliantly German URL.

Pizza ordered

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Gonna stay in tonight. It’s a big month for events for me so I’m staying in to conserve cash. Got a pizza and a couple of ciders in the fridge and looking forward to the footy.

It’s too hot. I’ve had enough of summer now. Can we go back to drizzle and mid-teen °c now please?


I almost never go anywhere or do anything out of the house, except work and shopping. Very boring person, me.

Staying in. Kebab, pack a bag for a weekend away and some Mario Maker 2 most likely

Play a lil Zelda, drink a lil wine, watch a lil Love Island, go to bed

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I’m on a train, so I am both kinda out but also kinda in.

Having a beer and playing some Civ. Egypt are playing hardball about continuing to buy truffles off me, the dicks.

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So the doctor reckons I’ve got a gastrointestinal disease. Need to have samples done Monday unless it gets worse.

Pretty hellish tbh

Have to help my gf move out :grimacing: she’s told me not to come round but I think I should. It’s also really sunny here :fearful:

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oh sorry to hear man, my sister has had this before after a wicked severe bout with food poisoning. Hope you get better soon. She recommends eating plenty of apple sauce.

I finish work at 8. I worked out earlier that I’ve done a 53 hour week this week.

I’m treating myself by picking fish and chips on the way home and I’ll probably have a beer or two.

Tomorrow my dad and youngest nephew are coming over as there are some events going on a local green.

At 10am there is a model aircraft stunt show and at 2pm a wrestling show, as well as the “British Pillowfight championships”. There is also a beer festival on as well, so that will keep me sane.

I’m gonna try and stay in, wish me luck team.


But it’s so nice out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Have a great night out lo-pan!


BTW how good is the Dylan doc, watched it 3 times. GF can’t get enough of it.

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Stir Fry-day!

In, as usual. Will avoid Glastonbury coverage because it’ll just make me miserable, so will binge some Handmaid’s Tale instead.