Friday Evening’s Happening

Gooooood evening. What’s happening tonight folks?

Caramelised onion and goats cheese pizza for me, will wash down with some rhubarb and ginger gin and some sweet chilli and sour cream crisps. Will go for a deer-spotting walk and resist opening my second box of creme eggs. I’ve done nothing today.



had some rice but it was a bit shit, won’t be buying again!

Sadly I have no snacks in the house and my cooker exploded yesterday so I’m contemplating eating bran flakes dipped in peanut butter for supper

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Your clock seems to indicate that it’s 5:30 but actually it’s 5:40. Should get that looked at.

Your cooker exploded? That’s not good!

I hope you’re enjoying flavour combination Friday


Forgot to buy a pizza :tired_face:

Watching Bacurau on Mubi for some early evening light entertainment. Twitch pub quiz after this, then we’re gonna nip out and try and find some bats by the canal. Probably another film after that. Beers at various stages of the night.

well I exaggerated to seem cool, more like lots of sparks and smoke came out of it as the element died and shorted out

All the best flavours

one of my colleagues is hosting a quiz. making some ramen. then an online poker tournament with “the boys” (we never play poker – this is what it’s come to)

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Apparently I’m playing Codenames over the internet with some people. I do not want to play Codenames over the internet with people. I want to tend to Bumsnog and kill internet dragons.


got some koreany tofu leftovers (close to dubu jorim, for all of those interested)… going to watch bacurau as well later

not got any beer or wine… need to stock up on good old-fashioned, honest lager. sick of this sludge stuff

Was supposed to be having quiche and chips for tea but Mrs F has just walked past with the Chinese menu. I’m fucking worn out and my back hurts and I’m in a grump.

Hey up @laelfy where’s that pizza from? it looks AMAZING.

Also having pizza after I sent to Aldi …got a few tomato and mozzarella ones to share with the kids. Then it’s wine and crisps and something on telly.

good old-fashioned, honest lager.



It’s a Gousto recipe, was supposed to be red pepper and goats cheese but they sent a green pepper and I didn’t fancy it, so caramelised some extra onions and will keep the pepper for some thing else.

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3 more hours of work, hour drive home then about 20-25 Coors.


Some of my mates are suggesting a zoom get together. Not sure I can be arsed, but it’d probably be fun. Absolutely no other plans. Maybe watch a film, idk?

Evening laelfs :heart: Lovely looking pizza!

I tried to do some nail art and it didn’t work :frowning:

I feel like my nails are SO boring now. I had such plans, such plans.