Friday Evening’s Happening

Nice! do they send you the base or do you make it?

Update: it’s Chinese for tea.

1x crispy soy duck
1x pork curry
1x beef in black bean sauce
1x crispy won tons
2x chips


Plenty of time on your hands to try again?

They send the base. It’s fine as pre made pizza based go.

Might crack open the rum


Salt and chilli chips
Lemon chicken
Chicken chow mein
Beef curry
Fried rice

Can’t remember the rest of your order?

Oooh you’ve deviated


Not today! See up there ^^^


evening. absolutely livid about what a nob my boss has been today. gonna drink ~2 beers, watch masterchef final and then go to bed in a huff at about 9pm.

Chips with everything!

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This is incorrect, I haven’t had chips for 3 days.

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Sadly I tried many times, it just looked a bit bad :confused: oooh well!

I have a cider and big bag of sweets

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What kind of sweets

time has stood still today

Gonna have some beers and eat carbonara and… dunno

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Hiya :wave:

Having a beer and some peri peri nuts.

Making toad in’t hole for tea.


Had disappointing Morrison’s pizza for dinner. I fancy a beer. I should probably wait a bit though.

Do you remember Lidl’s Sugarland Fruity Chews? They’re those but they’ve had a rebrand so now they’re called Sweet Corner Fruity Chews. I’ve decanted some into my sweet/crisp bowl


Got some new mascara from benefit “they’re real” so I obviously had to do my makeup to sit around. I’ve had a beer but we’ve only got 15 in the fridge so we’re either gonna get drunk tonight or refrain and save for tomorrow? Or both? :face_with_monocle:


how many vegetables do i need to buy for a beer purchase to be upgraded to an essential shop

Ooh can I have some cherry ones please